Does MK 677 increase testosterone? What You Should Know.

Does MK 677 increase testosterone? In the SARM universe, there’s plenty of jargon, and many concepts that are similar to each other. They kind of clash against each other like various parts of a weight machine.  For example, is a SARM a type of steroid?

What’s the difference? Is HGH the same as testosterone? What does HGH (human growth hormone) have to do with SARMs? Is MK-677 a SARM? Is it something directly tied to testosterone levels? Do you take it if you have low T?

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Well, just like you may find yourself showing some newbies around the gym (“what does this machine do?” What about that one?”) and keeping them from hurting themselves, we’ll take on the role of mentor and help you hack through the jungle of terms on this issue.

Basically, we’ll show how MK-677 really has nothing to do with testosterone, and if you’re interested in the work of that hormone on the body, we’ll walk you through that too.

First, What’s MK-677?

Say your friends are getting banging results from taking MK-677. They’ve described it to you and it sounds like a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).  How is it different? Does it have the same side effects of SARMs? 

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OK, MK-677 is not a SARM. It’s actually a growth hormone secretagogue, which means it acts on the body’s glands to induce secretions of growth hormone (HGH).  So, you see: it’s not a SARM and it’s not HGH, it just makes your body produce more HGH. 

Your gym-rat friends have gotten buff with MK-677 because of the increase in growth hormone. Growth hormone makes a weight lifter recover faster from a workout.  It injects you with energy, and in addition, aids in restful sleep.

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Those are the reasons people are attracted to MK-677. As you can already see, we’re not talking about an increase in testosterone here.

You Mean It Does Increase Testosterone?

In a word: no.  No it does not.  But let’s not leave a bud hanging–we’ll explain in full.

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Testosterone Defined

Testosterone is a sex hormone (not an ab crunch hormone). It is responsible for the development of the testicles and the penis, as well as body hair and the deep voice that dudes tend to have.

Yes, it does lead to muscle growth, which is why men have larger muscles than women.  Testosterone is regulated and sent to throughout the body by the pituitary gland.

Testosterone vs. Human Growth Hormone

First off, when we talk about HGH we mean the hormone inside of a person, not supplements of it.  Human Growth Hormone is what’s known as a proteohormone.  It comes from the pituitary gland and is very important in stimulating the insulin-like growth factor to lead a child through their crucial growth.

But it’s important for adults too, or else it wouldn’t help bodybuilders.  Anyway, while HGH comes from the same gland as testosterone, it is quite different.  There is no connection between the two, and MK-677 has no effect whatsoever on testosterone.

Does MK 677 Increase Testosterone: How Do You Increase Testosterone?

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Perhaps you’re here worried about your testosterone level.  Don’t be discouraged about the fact that MK-677 (ibutamoren) neither increases nor decreases testosterone.  There are plenty of ways to increase testosterone in a healthy way, whether you’re trying to gain lean muscle mass or improve your body composition in some way.

Increase your sleep

Studies have shown that too little sleep reduces testosterone levels.

Eat good fats

Sure, we tend to believe that dietary fat is bad.  But that’s because many fat-bearing foods are deep-fried or filled with too much saturated fat. 

But when it comes to testosterone, studies have shown that a diet higher (as opposed to lower) in various fats, particularly monounsaturated and healthy unsaturated fats causes an increase in testosterone.  

Now, some of the foods that you’ve heard of as being “healthy fats” are indeed the ones             carrying healthy monounsaturated fats: peanut butter, olive oil, walnuts, avocados.

Devour cauliflower

When you eat cauliflower (a low glycemic replacement for potatoes) your body produces DIM (diindolymethane), which is an engine of testosterone production.

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Do cardio work

You may wish to carve out some sick muscles, and that’s fine. But don’t forget the cardio. Here’s a clinical trial demonstrating that cardio workouts help testosterone levels.

The cool thing about all of these methods is that they’re not difficult at all, they don’t change your lifestyle or put you out, and you’re probably already doing some of them to some extent.

How Do You Increase HGH Naturally?

And does that mean you’re about to receive a basic overview of testosterone?

Fast sporadically

Doing brief fasts will absolutely raise HGH levels.  You could go with a plan that caps calories over a period, such as 700-800 per week.  Another plan could be something like having an 8-hour eating window with 16-hour fasting.  This helps you drop body fat and keeps insulin down, and both of these boost HGH.

Eat less sugar

This is another great solution because it’s something that you should do anyway. Reducing your sugar intake will help you with all the fitness goals you have. People with lower blood sugar have higher HGH levels.

GABA supplement

GABA is a natural supplement, short for Gamma aminobutyric acid, which is an important neurotransmitter.  It is known to increase HGH.

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High intensity exercise

The workout regimen you are using to meet your goals can actually increase HGH.  As you know, high intensity exercises include sprints, circuit training and high-intensity interval training. 

The body responds to the intensity of exercise by trying to replace any muscles that may be torn and generally to re-establish equilibrium.  When you do high-intensity workouts, you’ll get a spike of HGH, but any type of exercise is good.

Does MK-677 Have Side Effects?

As we’ve seen, MK-677 has many benefits for any user.  It’s also true that MK-677 doesn’t increase testosterone and also doesn’t decrease it.  However, if you’re thinking of using any supplement, no matter how natural it is, it’s important to be aware of side effects it may have.

There are a few mild side effects associated with MK-677.  We’ll give you the rundown on a few of them and describe how serious or not they are.

Increased blood sugar

According to this study, MK-677 is sometimes associated with an increase in blood sugar.  However, it’s very important to understand that, contrary to some rumors, MK-677 doesn’t cause insulin resistance.


The work of MK-677 can sometimes cause certain nerves to feel pressure. This can cause a tingling or even a numbness in hands. This will almost certainly go away before the end of your cycle.

Increased appetite

it’s true that a person does experience a bigger appetite while using MK-677.  Ghrelin, the hormone activated by MK-677, increases people’s appetites. If you consider this a side effect, then put it on the list.  But if you choose your proteins carefully and keep the sodium low, you can use your food intake for increased lean body mass.

Mythical Side Effects

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There are many stories of what’s happening while using MK-677. Some “side effects” of MK-677 are things that may happen during MK-677 use, but aren’t in fact caused by it.  Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc anyone?

Here are a few examples. 


Some people think bloating can be caused by MK-677.  Yet, there have to be things other than MK-677 in play for this bloating to happen.  Sometimes abdominal bloat comes from water retention.  The water retention, in turn, can be caused by high-carb or high-sodium foods.

Joint Pain

Some people may think that users of MK-677 experience joint pain. In fact, some folks may indeed have joint pain while using MK-677.  It’s not that hard to realize that people who are trying to beef up may do the kind of max outs that lead to joint pain.

In fact, clinical trials, like this one, for example, have shown that grhelin, the hormone promoted by MK 677, is actually good for joint pain.

Does MK 677 Increase Testosterone: Conclusion

The important takeaway is that human growth hormone and testosterone are separate.  You can take testosterone supplements while taking MK-677, if you so choose.  Taking MK-677 won’t either increase or decrease testosterone.

Medical Advice Disclaimer

I’m not a doctor and neither are you.  The solid research we are giving you is just that, research.  It is not official medical advice.

FAQ – Does MK 677 Increase Testosterone

Q. Does ibutamoren increase testosterone?

OK, you somehow missed out on the entire article. No problem. Ibutamoren–the same thing as MK-677, does not increase testosterone.  It increases HGH (human growth hormone) and that is how it helps an increase in muscle. This is separate from testosterone.

Q. Does MK 677 affect hormones?

Absolutely! That’s what it’s all about.  It is an orally active growth hormone that stimulates the hormone ghrelin to produce HGH. At the same time, the hormone causes an increase in hunger. That is why bodybuilders use it to bulk up.  It’s not really about weight loss.

Q. Does MK 677 increase growth hormone?

Yes! Yes indeed. That is precisely the whole point of it. It stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete a hormone called ghrelin, which in turn spins out more HGH.

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