Is MK-677 Legal: 10 Things You Absolutely Need To Know

Is MK-677 legal? You can’t blame a person for wanting to be a law-abiding citizen, and when it comes to MK-677 it can be a bit vexing. 

Is it perfectly legal? Is it pending?

Is it legal government-wise yet banned? What gives?

What’s to know about this popular non-SARM?

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1. What Is MK-677, Anyway?

Let’s say you wanted a whole bunch of yeast, but you only have a little and the store is closed.  But you have a cup of sugar. 

If you pour some sugar into your bowl of yeast, you’ll see the yeast puff up and increase in volume. 

So now you have more yeast.  That doesn’t make sugar yeast, right?  But it makes the yeast go farther in your recipe.

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That’s how MK-677 works.  It is not HGH, human growth hormone.

  But it makes HGH grow. MK 677 stimulates growth hormone secretion and releasing.

It activates a hormone called ghrelin.  This hormone causes your pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone. 

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MK-0677 is an orally active growth hormone secretagogue that has been shown to increases serum Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1, a polypeptide hormone structurally similar to insulin).

That is why muscle grows back faster  after workouts. 

And that’s why the supplement is popular among bodybuilders.

2. MK-677 Doesn’t Cause SARM Harm

The dangers of SARMS are well-known: an increased risk of heart attack, liver dysfunction, on and on. 

That’s partly why Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators have gotten so much scrutiny and regulation. 

MK-677 does not have these very serious side effects associated with them, not according to any research. 

Minor picks like hunger, a small increase in blood sugar, and possible hair loss, are the side effects associated with MK-677. 

However, most of these happen only when the user has gotten hold of some inferior product–or uses it too much.

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3. Is MK-677 Legal: Controlling Controlled Substances

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) works with prescription meds and substances that are said to create health outcomes. 

They collaborate with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to regulate the various “drugs,” treatment, supplements, medications, etc. 

They also get Health and Human Services (HHS) involved because, why not have more bureaucracy?

So, these agencies get together and draw up their infamous drug schedules, with items on Schedule 1 being the “worst” and Schedule 4 being substances that are supposedly less susceptible to abuse and possible harm, and thus being less regulated.

is mk-677 legal: FDA building
Image by TheVerge
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Schedule 1 drugs like heroin and–yes–marijuana are totally illegal (on the federal level, with, of course, many states now legalizing marijuana), while Schedule 2 drugs such as Ritalin and Cocaine are legal only in strictly regulated situations for prescribing doctors only.

Schedules 3 through 5 contain sedatives and painkillers and are generally thought of as medical in nature rather than recreational.

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These drugs tend to be legal, but often for “research” purposes only.  This can mean that they can’t be made into capsule form, etc. 

4. Steroids are Schedule 3

Anabolic Steroids have been Schedule 3 drugs since 1990. 

They can be prescribed by doctors and should be prescribed only for serious conditions such as breast cancer, low red blood cells, and reduced testicular function.

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It’s important to realize that MK-677 is not on any drug schedule.

Obviously, MK-677 is a non SARM, but is thought of by many people as being some equivalent of anabolic steroids. 

However, the final analysis will probably show that MK-677 does not  have any of the possible dangers that steroids do

5. Is MK-677 Legal: Around the World in Drugs

So, that’s how things shake down in the U.S. when it comes to the legality of various substances. 

In other countries around the globe, they have regulatory processes that are similar to those in the U.S.

One difference is that Europe is now governed by the E.U. (European Union). 

Yet there are some agencies in individual European countries that have individual laws that apply–you really need a scorecard to keep track. 

European Union  Flag
Image via Wikimedia Commons
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We should look at the EU’s policies toward SARMS, since these are the supplements that are most like MK-677, even if–say it with me–MK-677 is not a SARM!  

Well, the short version of the story is that SARMS are legal in each and every EU country. 

But, they have to be labeled and sold as research materials and not as supplements.

Now, if you hail from some of the mountainous, great skiing parts of Europe, take heed. 

In Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, it’s legal to use SARMS for research purposes.  However, if any packages of them fall into the hands of customs, they’ll be snatched. 

Therefore, it’s pretty difficult to ship SARMS in or out of these countries, in addition to the harm that they undeniable do to your body.

is mk-677 legal: Australian flag
Image by Vectorsicon via Pexels
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Now, as for Asia, Africa, etc., there are currently no countries on Earth in which SARMS are categorically illegal, except for Australia

In the land down under, SARMS can be used with a prescription, which is the equivalent of a Schedule I or II drug in the U.S. 

6. But I was Asking About MK-677

Oh, you want to know if MK-677 is legal?  Why didn’t you say so?  Well, yes, it most assuredly is.  Just as with SARMS, the non-SARM MK-677 is legal in every non-Australia nation. 

It hasn’t been approved by the FDA and is considered an “Investigational New Drug “research drug.” 

Therefore, it can be bought and sold for “research” purposes, but can’t be called a supplement.

It’s important to keep watching this space to find out the latest updates from the FDA and other entities to see what direction things are moving in. 

However, as long as one buys the supplement as a research drug and not marketed as a “supplement” it is now perfectly legal and does not require a prescription. 

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7. Is MK-677 Legal: So What’s a Research Drug?

There are two main facets to MK-677 being classified as a research chemical. 

The first is that it absolutely is being researched. 

It’s in the process of being carefully vetted by the FDA and other applicable agencies to ensure the substance is safe.  If the drug doesn’t have FDA approval, it can’t legally be sold as a supplement.

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When a supplement doesn’t have this approval, it will be labeled “not for human consumption,” which is where MK-677 is right now. 

This means that, technically, it’s for research. 

That doesn’t mean that it’s for consumption by something other than humans or that it would kill a human–so it’s a misleading and unfortunate label. 

A drug or supplement is in this limbo land of being a “research chemical” until it has been approved by the FDA.

8. Is MK-677 Banned in Sports According to the World Anti Doping Agency?

It absolutely is.  The World Anti doping Agency (WADA) has banned the substance, and that keeps it out of most major sports.  It’s banned by the Olympics.  If you’re going to get into any sports competitions don’t take MK-677.

is mk-677 legal: planes at airport gates
Image by Pixabay via Pexels
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9. Non-SARMS on a Plane ?

Some people wonder if you can carry MK-677 on a plane.  It’s not a bad question. 

You are absolutely permitted to carry your MK on a plane, you just have to go through the protocol of sealing it in a plastic bag. 

And don’t go to Australia.

10. Is MK-677 Legal and Will MK-677 Stay Legal?

The current information is that there is little risk of major harm posed by this hormone-releasing peptide. 

It has no known side effects of the kind that are associated with SARMS. 

Therefore, one would think that the drug will either remain off the drug schedule or will remain down on the lower-regulation end of the spectrum.

If it doesn’t see an upgrade on its designation as a research-only substance, it very well may stay legal in that capacity, as it now is.

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The information in this article is for research purposes only.  It is very, very good, and based on up-to-the-minute updates on the ever-changing world of MK-677. 

However, only lawyers or other legislative professionals are qualified to give actual legal advice.

Is MK-677 legal FAQS

Q. Is Ibutamoren Legal?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you buy Ibutamoren?

A. Yes. It can be bought for research purposes only and not if it is labeled as a supplement. The only country in which this is not true is Australia.

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Q. Is MK-677 Legal: Will MK-677 Be Banned?

A. It is already banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and by the Olympics.  If by “banned” you mean made illegal by legislation, time will tell. 

Steroids are Schedule II drugs, so it is conceivable that MK-677 may meet the same fate, but because it not as harmful, it very well may not.

Q. Is it Legal to Buy SARMS?

A. Yes.

Q. What’s the Difference Between MK-677 and Cardarine?

A. Cardarine is a performance enhancer, also called Endurobol or GW-501516. It helps the body to burn fat, and build lean muscle.