Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss? Or Surprisingly Helps Fight Baldness?

Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss? You’ve probably heard great things about the non-steroidal supplement MK-677. 

And you know that with good often comes bad, and you’ve heard a rumor that MK-677 also leads to hair loss. 

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Don’t worry about being bald with big guns, we’re here to clear up misunderstandings with medical facts.

Let’s start with getting into hair loss in general, since that’s the big issue.

What causes hair loss? Does MK-677 cause hair loss?

Surely you’ve noticed some 43 or 49-year-old men with a shiny dome, while other guys have shaggy white hair in their 70’s. 

That demonstrates the main cause of premature baldness in fellows: genetics.

Middle-aged man concerned with hair loss baldness | Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss?
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You either have better or worse genes when it comes to how long you’ll have a thick mane of hair.

So hair loss is not related to your skin color, the hair growth cycle, the presence of hair follicle, your igf 1 levels, or your blood type!

Meet the Alopecias

We now have to introduce you to a funky man named Al O. Pecia (pronounced “peesh-ya”).

Once you say the name of this fictional character enough times, it’ll be easy to say alopecia, a medical term that just means “hair loss.”

Here are a couple of varieties:

Androgenic Alopecia– This is by far the most common form of hair loss. You’re certainly familiar with “male pattern baldness,” the gradual loss of hair in a pattern like a “U” or an “M.”

androgenic alopecia | Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss
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The medical term for this is androgenic alopecia. When women experience this condition, it’s known as female pattern baldness.

It’s the gradual, common form of baldness that most people experience.

As mentioned above, it’s hereditary, and probably caused by a mutation in the AR gene.

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia– This is a different pattern of hair loss: a severe version of a receding hairline.  It is possible that it’s an autoimmune response, and is a bit mysterious. 

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But one benefit of acknowledging this disorder is that it reminds us about the general condition of the receding hairline.

If it happens gradually, and doesn’t involve scarring of the scalp or forehead, it’s really just aging (and again, will happen in folks with genes for it) and need not be blamed on supplements or anything else.

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Alopecia Areata– This is a somewhat alarming form of baldness that could make a person feel something external, like the use of supplements, was suddenly having bad effects. 

alopecia areata | Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss
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It refers to patches of hair quickly falling out, and it is known to be an autoimmune response. Anyone experiencing clumps of hair coming out very quickly should see a doctor.

Traction Alopecia– A person suffering from this condition would be grossly overreacting to think it was caused by supplement use. In fact, it’s not even genetic. 

Traction Alopecia comes from overhandling or braiding hair or mistreating it in some other way. Because that’s all it is, a change in habits will quickly heal the follicles and get that hair back.

traction alopecia | Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss
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Does MK-677 cause hair loss: androgenic alopecia vs. temporary shedding

So, we’ve established a sort of hair loss that is genetic and that pulls a person’s hairline back slowly, over a period of years.

This situation can’t be changed except for the use of hair pieces or similar commercial products.

But some people experience a different kind of hair loss: shedding.  Particular hairs will finish their life cycle and end up in what’s called the telogen phase, or the end of the life cycle, falling out. 

Bearded middle aged man holding fallen hair | does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss
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Sometimes, hormonal imbalances or other triggers can cause a problematic amount of hair to fall out in a couple of weeks. 

It’s important to realize that temporary shedding is just a different animal from androgenic alopecia.

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As mentioned above, androgenic alopecia is genetic, and it’s a process that goes about its grim business over a long period of time.

Shedding doesn’t have a single cause, but can come from a wide variety of imbalances in the system, and these imbalances are often either temporary or the hair loss that comes from them is.

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We’ll explore this a bit more below, when specifically outlining the relationship between a growth hormone secretagogue like MK-677.

What is MK-677 and how is it used?

You may have some jacked weight-lifting pals who have used MK-677. It may be part of why they’re so jacked.

MK-677 helps promote the presence of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. It isn’t a SARM or steroid of any kind, and there is evidence, it’s not an HGH per se.

But by stimulating the secretion of HGH, MK-677 in turn stimulates the flow of insulin-like growth factor-1, or igf. 

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As a result, MK-677 helps people bulk up, and it can also promote high-quality sleep.

Is MK 677 hair loss for real?

The short answer is that MK 677 can cause hair loss.  But it doesn’t do so by shrinking hair follicles.  It also doesn’t inhibit their work. 

The reason some people may think so is that androgens do these things.

The reason some people experience brief, sudden hair loss while using MK-677 is that the imbalance caused by the additional HGH triggers a body’s defense mechanism, which in turn trigger hair loss.

So does mk-677 cause hair loss?

Male body builder back with long hair | Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss?
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Sometimes there can be confusing effects of a supplement, effects that contradict each other. 

And that is how the temporary hair loss that can be associated with MK-677 will usually be temporary.

That’s because while on the one hand, changes in hormone levels could lead to shedding, the general nature of MK-677 actually makes it promote hair growth. 

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In fact, that is the reason many people use it in the first place.

One of the keys is the IGF that skyrockets with use of MK-677.  This compound has been clinically proven to regulate and improve the growth of hair follicles.

Now there’s a paradox, right?

Some people find greater hair density after using MK-677, while some people find that receding or balding patches get replaced when they’re using this growth hormone secretagogue. 

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That is why, while it’s true that some localized shedding may occur, the hair growth that MK-677 causes will make up for it.

Does MK-677 make your hair grow?

You bet! MK-677 promotes the growth of IGF, or insulin-like growth factor.

This substance has been scientifically shown to increase the growth of hair follicles.

Only purchase MK-677 from a reputable seller.

While some dudes begin taking MK-677 to lift weights, many take it expressly to aid in male pattern baldness or thinning hair.

When your follicles are working right, your hair is in great shape.

Body builder performing exercise for biceps with weights in both hands - Does MK-677 Cause Hair Loss?
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What are the side effects of MK-677

One common side effect of MK-677 can be numbness in feet or hands.

However, it’s important to understand that this does not indicate nerve damage.

Another side effect, if one wants to call it that, is hunger. 

IGF causes hunger, so if you’re trying to cut weight it may not be the supplement for you. For those trying to bulk up, it’s more appropriate.

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A less common side effect can be water retention. But this is more likely if people eat a high-sodium diet or use low-quality MK-677.


Q. Does HGH Affect Hair Growth?

A. Human growth hormone is for more than muscles. It does indeed affect hair follicles when they are in their growth phase. 

However, when one’s hormones get out of balance —in any way—it’s possible for temporary hair loss to occur.

So while HGH is really great for hair growth, it can ironically cause local shedding.

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Q. Does MK-677 cause hair loss: can some SARMS make you lose hair too?

A. The effects of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) on hair loss are similar to those of MK-677.

Most people agree that it’s only very large doses of SARMs that cause hair loss.

SARMs do have some qualities that can help grow hair.  Keep in mind that MK-677 is NOT a SARM.

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Q. Is MK-677 the same as HGH?

A. The answer is no. However, it’s technical, and the difference, in practical terms, may not be large. 

MK-677 is actually a secretagogue (think of secretion) for HGH. It mimics the work of a chemical called ghrelin.  This causes greater secretion of HGH. 

Q. Does MK-677 cause hair loss because it increases igf 1 (insulin like growth factor)?

A. This clinical study proved that certain dosage of MK-677 (MK-0677) increase IGF-1 level in elderly. High levels of IGF-1 are believed to lead to baldness.

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Q. What is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?

A. DHT is an hormone that stimulates the development of what is considered male characteristics (also called androgen).