Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety? Top Tips To Avoid It

Does MK 677 cause anxiety?  It’s a drug that is still being researched, and that causes imaginations to get revved up. 

If someone trips on uneven cement while taking a cycle of the supplement, they’ll post a question about whether or not MK 677 cracks cement or if it causes trips.

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There’s a specific reason for the question on MK 677 and anxiety, one I’ll let you in on before long at all. 

But this article will generally set your mind at ease regarding MK-677 and anxiety.

Why MK 677, Anyway?

First, where does the hype surrounding MK 677 come from. Well, MK 677–or ibutamoren, if you want the more official-sounding name–stimulates ghrelin receptors in people and the hormone ghrelin. 

When you take a cycle of MK 677, your body will secrete more human growth hormone (HGH) because the hormone ghrelin is on high.

Therefore, a bodybuilder can work out with intensity and recover faster, plus grow more muscle mass. 

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But What About Anxiety?

Why are we on this anxiety topic, anyway? Does that make you anxious at all? 

Well, it’s slightly difficult to find where a link between anxiety and MK 677 even comes from.  One has to be a detective and really try hard to understand why the notion came about in the first place.

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That process, unearthed a clinical study that wanted to see the effects of increased ghrelin on people with PTSD.

To do this, the scientists simulated PTSD on rats by scaring them repeatedly and creating conditioned fear. 

Well, they found a slight increase in what they label “fear” (they really don’t discuss “anxiety” per se, but the two are similar enough).

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So, I suppose we can conclude that a person (even if the study was only on rats) with PTSD might have rough spots while taking MK 677.

But the study doesn’t give us anything to go by concerning anyone else.

Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety: Anxiety and Bodybuilders

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Say you begin using MK 677 and you increase your workouts. You’re in the zone and you have goals that you’re attacking with everything you have. 

And then you find yourself worrying a lot.  Maybe losing a bit of sleep or getting stress headaches.  What gives? 

Well, it’s important to get to the bottom of this and see how you can get rid of these unpleasant feelings.  Just blaming a supplement doesn’t do that.

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First off, your hardcore weightlifting may be due to something that would obviously cause anxiety.

Wanting to get buff, having poor body image, gearing up for some contest. Having bet your buddy a twelve-pack of protein supplement on who can get the best results by the end of the month. 

That’s the source right there.  Yet there are are other circumstances that weightlifters often find themselves in that can be associated with stress and anxiety.

Circumstances Associated With Stress and Anxiety

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  • Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety: Poor Diet– Diets low in Tryptophan or Vitamin B-6 can lead to anxiety, stress, or other related poor states of mental health.  Here’s the deal: tryptophan manufactures B-6. Well, if you’re low on B-6 from foods, tryptophan goes to make more.  The problem is tryptophan is also important in the manufacture of serotonin.  It’s a lot to go into, but let’s agree that serotonin is the main anti-depression chemical in our minds and bodies (with anxiety being a component of depression). 

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  • Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety: Performance-enhancing drugs– If you talk to a buddy about MK 677, you’ll probably find out that he’s also taking some other helpers to improve muscle mass.  When someone’s blood is awash in a cocktail of L-Dopa, human chorionic gonadotropin, amphetamines, steroids, or any combination of those, you’ll be prone to anxiety or depression.  That’s because these drugs wreak havoc on one’s hormones. And can also have strange interactions with each other and with brain chemistry.
  • Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety: High expectations– It’s important for people to get into (and stay in) exercise programs, including weight lifting, for the right reasons.  Wanting to get buff in certain parts of the body or generally ripped in a short time period is not the right motivation.  All too often, bodybuilders, possibly with substances that rattle their hormones, don’t find the rapid results they seek. And this can cause depression.

Using MK-677 Anxiety-free

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The main thing in this area is to eat healthy.  That’s so important for any exercise or strength and conditioning regimen. 

But one of the main things MK 677 does is to stimulate the hormone ghrelin, which in turn makes us hungry

It’s OK to have a lot of protein while bodybuilding–if bulking up is a chief goal, go for it.

But it’s important to eat healthy proteins like legumes, nuts, lean meats and not high-sodium foods and deep-fried foods. 

Any crash diet has the potential to cause depression.

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So does MK 677 cause anxiety? Well, it’s important not to believe myths about MK 677. 

This article is showing that the depression that MK-677 users experience really comes from some other source. 

If you go into the process not expecting anxiety, you’ll be in a much better place.  If your mind goes looking for something to worry about, it will find it.

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One thing to remember is that, while MK 677 is perfectly legal, it has not been approved by the FDA, and it’s approved as a drug for research purposes only. 

It is still young in terms of supplements and substances, and there may be much to discover about it.

Further, this is not medical advice, but research only.

Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety: Conclusion

While we cannot guarantee you won’t feel anxiety or depression while using MK 677, we know of no solid medical research indicating that MK 677 causes anxiety. 

The cause of any unpleasant emotions could be any number of things. 

As long as you have a healthy mindset, fueled by a sensible diet, and you use high-quality MK, you should be fine.

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Does MK 677 Cause Anxiety: FAQ

Q. Is MK 677 Banned In Sport?

A. As of the time of this writing, yes. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned the substance, and most major sports have a ban on the substance. 

This has nothing to do with taking it outside of sanctioned competitions in these sports, but it does apply if you may compete in them.

Q. IS MK 677 Bad for Your Heart?

A. This question may come from having heard a rumor about people experiencing an increased heart rate. 

While this is something to take seriously, there’s little hard and fast evidence of serious danger to the heart from MK 677. 

The only study I could find is preliminary, and also shows problems with a deficiency of HGH

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Q. Is MK677 Hepatoxic?

A. Hepatoxic means toxic to the liver.  While some users have experienced elevated liver function while using ibutamoren (MK 677), one’s body returns to normal after the cycle is over.

Because MK 677 has a short half life it doesn’t stay in the system very long.  

Q. Does MK 677 Raise Blood Sugar?

A. Indicators are “yes.”  It has been known to cause a minor increase in blood sugar in many users.  However, it’s important to understand that, used properly, MK 677 doesn’t cause insulin resistance. 

As with the liver, its impact on blood sugar and insulin are temporary, ceasing when the cycle is done. 

So it’s nothing to worry about.

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