Does MK-677 Cause Headaches: Best Secret Tricks to Avoid Side Effects

Does MK-677 cause headaches? You put a lot of sweat into your workouts, and you want results in return. You’ve been thinking of doing some cycles of MK-677, the non-SARM muscle-building supplement, because of the great things you’ve heard about it.  But in addition to the way it builds muscle and cuts down on fatigue from lifting sessions, what side effects does it have? Is there any truth to the pesky rumor that MK-677 can cause headaches?

MK-677 Cliff’s Notes

Before we get into mythbusting in terms of headaches, why not give a little overview of MK-677 and why bodybuilders are way into it.

MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue (growth hormone gh).  As such, it triggers the production and distribution of HGH (human growth hormone).  Its other name, the one that sounds less like a pickup truck, is Ibutamoren. 

mk677 solution
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The chief draw of MK-677 is that it promotes the growth of muscle, particularly for iron pumpers.  In addition, it can be a life-saver for people with growth hormone deficiency.  It can also make you sleep better, partner!

But perhaps the single most important fact about MK-677 is that it absolutely is not a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).  Rest assured, friends, MK is a non-steroidal supplement, yet it’s sufficiently potent to transform your physique.

Does MK-677 cause Headaches: Different Kinds of Headaches

We need to take a minute to define headaches just as we’ve defined MK-677; not all headaches are equal and they don’t all have the same causes, either. You really need to know what kind of headache you’re experiencing.

3 different kind of headaches : does MK-0677 cause headaches
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There are two main categories of headaches that all headaches fall into.  These are primary and secondary. A primary headache is simply a fairly mild headache that doesn’t have any other underlying condition behind it.  A secondary headache is one that is in turn caused by some other condition—the pain of the headache is often thought of as a warning signal about the other condition.

Within the category of secondary headaches are the rest of the types we’ll discuss:

  • Migraines– whatever you’ve heard, a migraine headache is not just a really bad headache. It is a particular, specific medical condition.  A migraine is a headache that’s usually on one side of the head, and can include nausea and blurred vision.
  • Tension headaches– These are headaches low on the head, around one’s hatband—the forehead around to the back.  These consist of hard, persistent pressure.
  • Cluster headaches– These headaches have a misleading name. They are headaches on one side of the head, and involve troubling symptoms like droopy eyelids or a stuffy nose. It is not a bunch of little headaches, but generally one that last between about twenty minutes and two hours.

Real-life MK677 Headache Experiences

Friend, there are folks just like you who have already used MK-677.  Yes, there are people who have stated that they got headaches while using MK-677.  That brings up some questions: what is the cause and effect? Was the MK-677 to blame? Could it be that there was something specific about the way the person was taking it that you can easily avoid?

Does mk-677 cause headache

Well, to do a quick web roundup, some brothers just like you have reported taking MK-677 at night and having headaches the next morning. Some people report tension or pressure types of headaches.  Some bros report headaches with liquid MK-677, while taking stimulants in addition, or taking MK-677 that has added ingredients.

Bad MK-677 Practices That May Hurt Your Head

Here are some things that may come up when people are taking MK-677 that could actually be the cause of headaches.

1. Not Enough Water

First off, headaches are often caused by dehydration or at least not enough water intake.  To give just one of literally hundreds of available examples, a 2020 clinical trial demonstrates a variety of positive impacts of drinking more water on migraines.

But, let’s stay right on MK-677, since that’s why you came here, right? We want to give you what you want!  One thing about taking MK-677 is that while taking MK-677 (which helps you bulk up) one gets hungry. That’s due to the fact that MK stimulants the hormone grehlin.  Well, if people think that while bulking up they can eat a bunch of high sodium foods, they’ll start retaining water, which causes headaches.

man screaming with headaches: does mk677 cause headache

Now, it may sound like if you’re retaining water, you want to drink less, but it doesn’t really work like that. Keeping the system moving by fully hydrating yourself actually reduces water retention. The short takeaway, to help you the most, is that when you’re taking MK-677, really amp up the water intake.

2. Not Enough Sleep

Now, MK-677 should actually help a person get more restful, REM sleep.  However, if you insist on just staying up really late and, for whatever reason, don’t get enough sleep, you’re likely to get a headache.  That isn’t the MK’s fault.

3. Low-quality MK-677/Growth Hormone

Some companies cut their MK-677 with cheap fillers and basically garbage.  That is probably where the headaches come from.  Be sure to buy 100% pure MK-677.

High quality MK-677 by Bioscience
Image: BioScience

Avoid Headaches on MK-677

1. Drink plenty of water

Two or three liters of water per day is ideal.  You will be growing muscle while on MK-677, and water is very important for that. If you don’t feed your muscles with enough water, they have to desperately hold onto what water they already have, and that’s what water retention is.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Be sure not to amp yourself up on energy drinks and anything else before bed.  Your intensive workouts should get you ready for sleep, and many people report feeling a localized drowsiness not long after taking it. After several hours, that goes away and one feels energy.  That is how good sleep can actually be promoted by this growth hormone secretagogue.

If you can get fully eight hours per night, that’s ideal.  Don’t give in to the idea that skimping on sleep to get more done—getting enough sleep is important for the process of growing healthy muscle.

3. Buy High-quality MK-677

High quality MK-677 is all natural. It’s just that simple…and natural. It’s the fillers and additives that cause trouble with this great supplement—if you go for natural, premium MK-677, you’ll be fine. 

Standard Disclaimer

I don’t know if you are a doctor, but I’m not. You are being given well-researched, well-backed information for your education, not official medical advice. There’s nothing saying you can’t ask a doctor about particulars pertaining to all elements of your health, including possible usage of MK-677.

Does MK-677 Cause Headaches FAQ

Q. How Safe is MK-677?

A. Safer than the subway, I’ll tell ya that! Buh-boom. That one never gets old. 

Well, Ibutamoren, the growth hormone booster, just gets the pituitary gland going a bit to get HGH flowing a bit. It’s nothing that intense. It’s used to build muscle mass while lifting weights regularly, but it is not a steroid.  Has it been tested in clinical trials? Yes, it has.

Not only has it been tested for its ability to increase HGH, but also for how it may impact sufferers of various maladies.  The results are that it has never proven harmful per se, and has very mild—if any—side effects. Most so-called side effects, such as increased appetite or perceived hair loss, are side effects of particular types of usage or of behaviors happening along with using MK-677, not the MK itself.

Q. How Long Can I Take MK-677?

A. Taking this non-SARM to increase insulin-like growth factor is usually done in a 10-week cycle.  After that, definitely take a break before getting back into it. During the break, eat a healthy diet with plenty of lean protein. Keep in mind, though, that it’s your body, and if you’re bulking up, you don’t have to take the full 10 weeks if you don’t want to.

Q. Does MK-677 Increase Strength?

A. Yes! The main way it does this is through its stimulation of HGH.  This is well known effect of mk 677. This in turn helps a gym-goer increase lean muscle mass.  It can help a person recover from the pain of lifting faster, while also supplying energy. The work has to come from you, but Ibutamoren creates a good backdrop and lets you maximize what you do.

Q. Why is MK-677 Illegal?

A. Well, it’s a bit misleading to say it’s illegal. It actually is legal with a prescription, and it can also be legally bought for research purposes, which is the jurisdiction of the drug as of now.

Remember, MK-677 isn’t a SARM, but it’s basically treated like one.  One thing to keep in mind is that MK-677 is banned by all competitive sports, so don’t use it if you will be subjected to tests for any of these.

Q. Is MK-677 a Banned Substance?

A. It is banned by individual sports.  However, contrary to what you may read from other sources, it simply does not appear on the 2020 list of substances banned by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA).

It isn’t “banned” by a government or anything like that. However it hasn’t yet been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).  It is currently considered a substance that is being researched, and is legal to obtain for research purposes.

Q. Is MK-677 Natural?

A. Well, that depends on what you mean by “natural.” That’s not quite as open-and-shut as many people might think.  It isn’t plant-derived or anything like that.  However, it’s a peptide, meaning that it contains crucial amino acids found in the human body. The body naturally creates peptides to use their amino acids for one specific purpose.  But this process can be replicated in the lab—that’s called synthesis.  So, you have the production of a body chemical for a particular purpose. In this case, it’s the increased manufacture of HGH by the pituitary gland.

So, it’s natural in the sense that it’s a natural (and important) part of the human body.  Now, it’s important that you buy pure MK-677, because some sellers will add other junk.

Q. Does MK-677 cause Headaches: Is MK-677 Tested?

A. As of now, while in its research phase, MK-677 has not been added to any of the drug schedules. Because of that, standard drug tests wouldn’t screen it, and there aren’t any specific tests for it. Note that ibutamoren is not a SARM.