Unhelpful Things People Said To Those Suffering From Acne

Unhelpful Things People Said To Those Suffering From Acne

A recent story from thisisinsider.com showcases the truth about what young people suffering from acne feel, when hearing unappropriate comments.

Sure, most people want to help: so they suggest “did you try …”, “have you use …”. Well, acne sufferers don’t expect advice on how to take care for their skin… This is their daily concern, their permanent fight. And believe me, they try/experiment everything.

Also note that increasing your vitamins intake can help cure your acne woes.

Me, looking less than thrilled about my persistent acne. Those people really don’t like getting acne treatment advice from people who only get occasional breakouts. Thanks to a drug popularly known as Accutane, I finally got clear skin— but not before I tried dozens of other treatments, from prescription creams to antibiotics to a really strict pillowcase-washing regimen…. The most unhelpful thing people said to me when I suffered from acne

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