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Beauty Tips: Does Eating Sugar Really Cause Acne?

Can sugar cause acne on your skin? What if you tried quitting the sweet stuff?

Do you have the sweet tooth and can’t go a day without eating some delicious candy? Well, maybe it’s the sweets that have been destroying your skin. Apart from candy, you also have your daily breakfast combo and snacks. That white bread and over sugared coffee could be doing you more harm than good. Don’t even forget the soda you always drink to cool your body heat. Some of these beverages contain a lot of sugar than you’d expect. Take a look at a few common beverages on sugarstacks and see for yourself. A usual Coca Cola

7-Eleven 64 oz Double Gulp alone can contain up to 186 g of sugars. That’s just incredible. If sugar cause acne on skin, then you have a lot of problems. Besides that, too much sugar is also known to be a cause of obesity. So, why don’t you do you a favor and keep off the sweet stuff from now on? The question still remains though. Does sugar cause acne? Well, you are just about to find out why sugar is bad for your skin.

The sugar and acne myth debunked

Is it just a myth though? Can sugar cause acne? Well, you need to go back through history for this. Acneeinstein takes you back to a study done around 1969 and 1971. This study involved giving 65 people a daily candy or chocolate bar and investigating their skin reaction. To cut the long story short, the investigation found that none of the people got acne and that was it. The conclusion was that chocolate does not cause acne. The chocolate in this case was considered to be a high glycemic load diet. Glycemic load is a measure used to indicate how much effect a certain food has on a person’s blood glucose. In this case, chocolate will increase the glucose in your blood and this might cause acne. Keep in mind that this was ordinary sweet chocolate.

A pilot study published years after in 2008 on wiley.com showed otherwise. It suggested that the glycemic load is related to sex hormones and IGF-1. Note that hormonal imbalances are one cause of acne. For instance, a change in testosterone levels could stimulate production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. This sebum then combines with dead skin cells and bacteria to form plugs in your pores. These plugs are what result to pimples, blackheads, papules, and other forms of acne. So, does sugar cause pimples? Well, now you know. Besides that IGF-1 has a similar effect to insulin. High levels of IGF-1 cause production of pore-clogging cells on your skin. Therefore, always keep in mind that too much sugar cause acne, because it has a high glycemic load. So, every time you are taking that soda or cake, just know that a lot of sugar cause acne.

How sugar affects your skin

If you are dealing with acne, it is important to ask yourself, “What does sugar do to your body?” “Does sugar cause acne?”Even before acne is experienced on your skin, there are reactions that occur in the body first. Note that, when you eat refined carbohydrates such as sugar, it is first disintegrated into glucose. This glucose is then further broken down into insulin. Now, this insulin is what causes acne. Too much insulin causes an increase in inflammation all over your body, especially on places such as the face. Besides that, inflammation tends to loosen your skin to form wrinkles. Ever heard of glycation? Well, it is the process by which a sugar molecule attaches to a lipid or protein molecule. The thing with glycation is that it enhances the effects of aging. So, does sugar cause acne only? No! It also makes you look old.

What’s even worse is that your body can develop an insulin resistance. You do not want this! However, it’s not like you can really prevent it anyway unless you totally quit sugar. So, when this resistance is developed, you might get a condition called hirsutism. According to [Wikipedia] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hirsutism) hirsutism is excessive growth of hair in men and women. The hair grows in places where it is normally absent. For women, hair could even grow on your chin or chest. Sometimes, this can be embarrassing and could even low your self esteem. Apart from that, a strong insulin resistance could cause development of dark patches on body creases. These are even more difficult to permanently get rid of even with retinol cream or [make up]. All that said, “Can ordinary sugar cause acne?” The answer is a sound- Yes. In fact, it can cause wrinkles and dark skin patches too.

Sweet foods that could cause acne

The huffingtonpsost classifies some interesting pro-inflammatory foods that could cause acne. Some of these foods include white bread, ordinary sugar, ketchup, ice cream, packaged snacks, soda, and so on. They are pretty much most of the things you’d find in the food section in your local supermarket. If you remember from the introduction above, one Coca Cola 7-Eleven 64 oz Double Gulp can contain up to 186 g of sugars. Can beverage sugar cause acne on your skin? Of course it can. So, if you can stay away from soda, you’d better do it. Don’t even forget ketchup. Did you know that one tablespoon of regular ketchup contains 17g of sugars? Well, so now just think about the last time you used ketchup. It wasn’t more than one tablespoon was it? Every time you flood your chips with ketchup, remember that sugar cause acne.

What you really need to note though, is that sugar is not skin poison. In fact, it is very essential that you have some sugar in your system at all times. The problem arises when you take too much of it. Apart from that, foods like white bread fall under the refined carbohydrates category. You might want to stay away from these types of food. The thing with processed carbs is that they contain less beneficial fiber. So, what you are left with is just non-nutritious starch and sugar that was used to add taste to it. Does such refined starch sugar cause acne? Yes it does. This combined with the fibreless carbs can even lead to obesity. Not to worry though. There are nice alternatives to some common foods that you’ll get to know on your quest to quitting sugar.

Sugar beauty products and acne

Do you use primers, concealer, vitamins supplements, toners or powder for acne? If your answer is yes, then you’d better be aware that even some of these products contain sugars. Don’t believe it? Open your makeup kit and read some of the content sections of some of the products in there. It’s not just that alone. Even your daily moisturizer and sunscreen contain some sugar. Don’t even forget your soap and shampoo in the bathroom. All of these items could be the reason you are fighting a losing acne battle. Therefore, from now own, always be keen when you are buying some of these products. Some of them contain more than required sugar, fat and oil content. Do cosmetics containing sugar cause acne? Yes, through acne cosmetic. That brings us to the million-dollar question. How do beauty products containing sugar cause acne?

Firstly, sugar cause acne through cosmetics by just the way you apply them. Do your make up roughly and you could cause irritation to your skin. The physical irritation might be so minute that you ignore it. However, it has an acne generating effect. Apart from that, the makeup brushes could also cause you acne. That’s because some of them have bristles that retain some of the product upon application. Exposure of this application leads to formation of bacteria on the brush. So, every time you put your foundation on, you are actually applying bacteria to your skin. These bacteria then combine with sebum and dead skin cells to form plugs that block your skin pores. This can lead to formation of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and so on. Finally, avoid sugar facial scrubs. The crystal edges of the sugar could scratch and irritate your skin and aggravate your acne.

What you can do about it

Does sugar cause acne? Well, you should already know the answer to that question. However, what can you do about it? If sugar cause acne, does it mean you stop using it completely? Keep in mind that sugar here doesn’t only mean the sugar you use for tea and coffee. It also includes processed foods that contain high sugar content. The first recommendation for reducing acne is working out. Can exercise help with acne? Do your observation today. Go to the gym and check how many of the people there have sugar cystic acne. The good thing about exercise is that it’ll help you burn some of that fat that’s causing acne on your skin. However, just remember to wash your face after a sweaty work out. If you don’t, the melted sebum will cool off and solidify to form plugs in your pores.

Have you ever thought of using sugar alternatives? For instance, instead of using sugar for tea, you could use natural honey instead. It’ll it taste just as good and give you additional health benefits. Apart from that, you could also try applying some of it on your skin. Honey acts as a moisturizer and will hydrate your skin for a fresh and healthy look. Moreover, it contains antioxidants that repair skin cells and replenish the skin’s appearance. Besides honey, you should also consider sticking to natural carbs that have low glycemic loads. Decide to go whole grain for a change. Rather than buying ordinary white bread, why don’t you try oatmeal for a change? Opt for a packet of nuts instead of candy. The less sugar you eat the better. Before you open that sweet, always remember that sugar cause acne and you’ll be okay.

Key things to remember

Would sugar cause acne on your skin? It would pretty much on anybody’s skin not just yours alone. You need to remember that it is the insulin in sugar that causes acne. Therefore, try to stay away from foods with a high glycemic load as much as you can. Keep away from processed foods. No matter how much you love the bag of chips and soda combo; it’s about time you move on. Even though some people might recommend sugar for acne treatment, don’t take that risk. Sugar cause acne! Apart from that, establish a good workout routine. It will help your skin and weight. You could also try some glycolic acid to take care of sugar spots on skin. For more information about acne, try searching sugar and acne reddit. You’d be surprised at some of the things people have to say. Does sugar cause acne? May be you have to say otherwise. Share your comments too.

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