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Will Spicy Food Cause Acne for you?

Does Spicy food cause acne? This is the question we must consider. There are many possible reasons as to why does spicy food acne.

For those who love their spicy food it may come as a surprise to discover that it may in fact be the cause of their acne. In order to investigate the question “Does spicy food cause acne?” we will be outlining some of the nutritional benefits of specific spicy foods. We will also investigate what acne is and how it could possibly be caused by spicy foods. In this way, we can answer does spicy food cause acne in a comprehensive manner. The question “does spicy food cause acne?” is being asked again and again. People are trying to discover the causes of their acne problem. There are many questions to be answered. Can spicy food cause pimples? Does pepper cause acne? Is spicy food bad for your skin? Does spicy food cause spots? Does chili acne exist? Do spicy chips cause acne? Can hot sauce give you pimples? What are the causes of pimples on cheeks? And is eating spicy food bad for your skin. Let’s find out can spicy food cause acne.

An Exploration – Does Spicy Food Cause Acne

Does Spicy Food Cause Acne – What is Acne Anyway?

Does spicy food cause acne? And what is acne anyway? Acne is officially classified as a skin disease. It is a nuisance often seen in adolescents. The surface of the skin is connected to glands by canals These canals are known are follicles. The pores of the skin may get clogged up for a variety of reasons which results in various types of acne. Bad bacteria and dead skin can be found in the skin pores which sets the conditions for the formation of a variety of acne. The list of acne types is outlined below:

  • Blackheads – Also known as open comedones. Easier to treat than white heads as pores stay open.
  • Whiteheads – Also known as closed comedones. Caused when a pore gets clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. Pores are closed.
  • Papules – Caused due to inflammation. Hard pores which are quite sensitive.
  • Pustules – As the name suggests filled with pus and usually red in color. White or yellow heads on top sometimes.
  • Nodules – This form of acne is severe and is found deep underneath the skin. You will need a dermatologist or some prescription medicine to cure. Caused by clogged pores which are left untreated for a long time period.
  • Cysts – The most serious type of acne. Form due to a combination of bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum. The largest type of acne and usually occurs due to a serious infection. The type of acne can even leave a scar if left untreated. Do not simply pick at this and try to pop it yourself.

There are many different types of acne and many different ways to treat acne. Additionally, there are many ways that each type of acne can develop, as explored below

Does Spicy Food Cause Acne – How Does Acne Develop?

The main theory is that acne develops due to hormonal imbalances. Thus, foods that affect hormones are usually said to cause acne. This may be one reason as to how does spicy food cause acne. If a link between spicy food and hormones is established, this would explain how does spicy food cause acne. Unfortunately, it is hard to prove a link between any food and acne. The best that can be done is to establish that a particular food affects hormones in such a way that it may affect acne formation. It can be said that there is no definitive conclusion as to why and how acne develops. The most robust theory is related to hormones. Hormone disruption negatively affects the production of insulin and sebum which has an effect on acne formation. So, it is usually the case that a food type has an effect on something which has an effect on something which results to acne. The chain of causation can be quite long in many instances.

Generally speaking, acne forms due to the clogging of skin pores. Though acne is not a serious health concern, it can lead to scars if not properly treated. It has to be repeated that the exact cause of acne is not known. Some people get it, others do not. What is known is that hormones and androgens do play a role in acne formation. Genetics also play a role. If your parents were prone to acne then it is more likely that you will also suffer from acne formation at some stage of your life. Certain types of cosmetics may also play a role in acne formation. It is important to consider what type of makeup you happen to be putting on your skin. Pressure and friction may also exacerbate acne, but are not the main cause. Acne does not pop up out of a void. There needs to be an underlying chemical reaction.

Does Spicy Food Cause Acne – Will Spicy Food Cause Acne for me?

Could spicy food cause acne for you? This is a question we need to ponder. There is a strong correlation between spicy food and acne. Does this answer why does spicy food cause acne? Absolutely not. Correlation does not equate to causation. Just because people who eat spicy foods tend to have more acne does not mean that spicy foods cause acne. One reason is that there are other variables which could be causing the acne breakout. Spicy food is often associated with takeout and processed foods. So, it could well be that the processed oils and other unhealthy items could be the reason for the acne breakout. This is why correlation is not the same as causation. There are many other reasons as to what could be causing the breakout. Spicy foods themselves are generally regarded as relatively healthy. They are good for the immune system and contain key nutrients and vitamins not found elsewhere. Many superfoods such as garlic can be considered spicy. I would not stop taking this superfood just because there is a vague chance that it may cause acne.

But it is not a closed case. There is evidence that spicy food exacerbates pain receptors on the skin. These are the same receptors which respond to heat and are known as pain fibers. They also respond to chemical influences, so spicy foods such as chilis may fool the central nervous system and trigger a neural response. This could ultimately lead to an acne outbreak. The burn that is achieved from spicy food is actually not the same as taste. It is a hot pain and the human tongue is apparently not evolved enough to manage some types of spicy foods. Maybe the answer is simply to eat spicy foods if they agree with you and you like the taste. If you are not a fan of spicy foods it is your body suggesting that you stop consuming them.

Does Spicy Food Cause Acne – How to Stop Acne

In order to stop acne, you need a holistic system in place. Many people believe that they can look to one food type in order to prevent a certain remedy. This does not make any sense given the body is a single organism. Should spicy food cause acne, then it is as simple as stopping the consumption of spicy foods. But it is not that simple. Should spicy food cause acne for you, ensure you are taking the following array of items:

On top of this, you need to take care of certain areas. You need to ensure you are getting enough sleep, enough exercise and good nutrition. You can take all the products in the world but they will merely mask the symptoms. You need to engage in effective holistic practices. Excessive consumption of dairy products is probably the number one cause of acne. This has not been verified scientifically. But there is much anecdotal evidence. Aside from this lack of sleep probably follows, along with excessive consumption of greasy food and alcohol.

Could Spicy Food Cause Acne – The Evidence

Can spicy food cause acne? There is conflicting evidence as to why does spicy food cause acne. It can be said that there is no scientific proof that spicy food causes acne. However, the same can be said for practically any food type. Some go as far to say that there is no link between food and acne. However, this is a little farfetched. It has not been proven that dairy causes acne. It has not been proven that sugar causes acne. It has not been proven that greasy food causes acne. It has not been conclusively proven that any single food actually causes acne. However, we can speculate and this does not mean that these food items are good for the skin. It is even obvious from anecdotal reports that dairy is particularly bad for the skin. Science is playing catch up.

There are reasons as to how even mildly spicy food could be responsible for acne. If your stomach cannot handle spicy food and if you have an allergic reaction then it most definitely does cause acne. Spice sensitivities are more of a reason for acne than the spicy food themselves. Again, there is a recurring trend in outbreaks of all kinds. In dairy, meat and allergic reactions, it is not the food types themselves that cause acne. It is more the fact that these foods compromise on the digestive system in particular. When the digestive system is compromised then it all breaks loose. The digestive system is what absorbs nutrients from foods. It is linked to many systems, including the central nervous system and the endocrine system. In fact, it is linked to all systems. If the nervous system is compromised then the skin suffers. This is one reason as to how does spicy food cause acne. Others have contested that spicy foods result in increased sweat on the skin. Which will lead to acne. This is one reason how could spicy food cause acne.

Could Spicy Food Cause Acne? Will Spicy Food Cause Acne for you?

The answer, like many of these questions, is that it depends. If you are not suited to spicy foods it may trigger an allergic response and this could well result in acne formation. If you handle spicy foods well then keep them in your diet. There are many spicy superfoods and it would not make sense to eliminate them. Does spicy food cause acne? In the large majority of cases the answer would be no. However, science is coming to the realization that the response to any food type is individual. While there may certainly be food types that increase the chances of acne formation, spicy food is far down on the list. Eliminate meat, sugar and dairy. After these have been eliminated with no noticeable results, then it may be time to stop consuming spicy foods. In the meantime, enjoying your spicy curries without any guilt.

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