MK 677 Drug Test: Is The Risk of MK 677 Showing Up Real?

Mk-677 drug test: Does MK-677 Show Up on a Drug Test? In this article, we’ll specifically be looking at the military’s drug tests for HGH, MK-677, etc. 

Because roughly half of military personnel report using either a SARM or a non-SARM such as MK-677, the military has been developing policies toward these supplements.

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Because the military doesn’t have specific policies for MK-677 (aka ibutamoren) we have to look at their policies toward SARMS, which are analogous. 

It is important to note that MK-677 is technically not a SARM. 

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However, it is similar in terms of its positive effects, such as increased muscle mass, increased energy, and a leaner physique overall. 

When we look at U.S. military policies toward MK-677, we have to look at SARMs, which are the most similar substances, but must keep in mind that MK-677 is not a SARM.

As for SARMs themselves, all the branches of the military have clear policies against them

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators can have side effects such as acne, decreased testicle size, high blood pressure, mood swings, depression, and phobias.  

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In general, the military won’t allow its personnel to use substances that could cause sudden changes in their metabolism, mood, hormones, etc.

MK-677 Drug Test and the Military Edge

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The reason MK-677 can be confused with SARMs is that it’s a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretagogue, meaning that it promotes its secretion. 

It does so by increasing a hormone called ghrelin.  Ghrelin isn’t a separate or unnatural substance, but something that activates our natural hormones.

It is hard to find a member of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or even Coast Guard or National Guard, who doesn’t work out in some way. 

And that’s in addition to their official training. 

Even if a serviceman or woman doesn’t lift or body build in addition to their training, it’s important for them to be able to bounce back from exertion. 

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Plus, being able to gain the muscle for their duties is key.  Often, members of the service opt to take a supplement of some kind of other. 

MK-677 is known to have gotten good results for weight lifters and is now being used by some service people, who need to know if they’ll face sanctions.

Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want SARMs

To be clear, the U.S. military doesn’t have an official policy toward MK-677, so there is no MK 677 drug test per se

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It is known as a research drug, and is seemingly too new.  However, it’s probably fair to suggest it’s not really on the fast track to acceptance, as the military bans many similar substances

Again, it can be compared to SARMs, at least in this context.

There are no SARMs allowed by the military, so if a substance appears on this list, that means it is banned by the military. 

Here’s an itemized list of SARMs banned:

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  • DMAA– dimethylamylamine is a derivative of amphetamine and as such, is a stimulant. It is illegal when marketed as a dietary supplement and can cause high blood pressure and even more serious cardiovascular problems.
  • DMHA– This is also known as Dimethylhexlamine. It was formerly used as a decongestant, and isn’t taken by itself, but is instead an ingredient in supplements.  Like DMAA, it is illegal for it to be marketed as a natural supplement

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  • HCG– Human Corianic Gonatopropin is banned by the Department of Defense because it’s a prescription med.  It’s actually important in the growth of human fetuses.  Yes, that sure does make it a bit creepy that adults (both male and female) would want to take supplements including it.  Well, strange though it may sound, HCG can be prescribed by doctors for hormone therapy for guys.  More to the point for our purposes, it is included in products marketed for weight loss.  Both the FDA and FTC have taken action against companies claiming that HCG has homeopathic benefits against obesity.
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  • Ostarine– This SARM is considered illegal by the FDA.  It’s used by bodybuilders because, like any SARM, it tells receptors to grow muscle.
  • Testolone– Also known as RAD 140, this SARM was originally created to treat muscle-wasting in those with cancer. It’s known to be a very anabolic substance, leading to quick muscle growth.  Like all SARMs, it’s banned by the DOD.
  • Ligandrol– This SARM has shown much promise in pumping up muscles, but it’s still being studied and is banned by the DOD.
  • Andarine– Like most SARMs, Andarine binds to androgen receptors; its particular function is to cause bones to grow, in addition to muscle.  Reported side effects include heart attack, liver damage, and stroke.
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Those are some of the substances most relevant to us that have been banned.  But you may be interested to know some of the other supplements the military (DOD) bans.  They are: acacia rigidula, aegelese, BMPEA, CBD, and Aromatase Inhibitors.

The SARM Test (MK-677 Drug Test), Military Edition

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Colleges and universities test athletes for drugs all the time.  Employers test potential employees in a way that is announced in advance. 

All of these drug tests are for the schedule 1-4 drugs, such as marijuana, LSD, cocaine–narcotics.

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Well, the military hasn’t yet had a reason to test for SARMs per se. 

It’s not a routine event or something that units enact on everyone. 

Drug tests for SARMS (and therefore MK-677 drug test) in the military usually come with a reason, generally someone bulking up too quickly or talking about using SARMs.   

So, Is There a MK-677 Drug Test?

A MK-677 drug test itself is a bit tricky.  It gets us into the idea that MK-677 aren’t SARMs. 

So, those looking to add muscle mass can sort of rest assured–first, the military doesn’t really test for SARMs often at all, and secondly, MK-677 aren’t SARMs.

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As of now, no one really tests specifically for MK-677. 

Think about it: the substance simply increases the work of a hormone in our body. 

Therefore, it’s hard to test for it per se, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen one day.

And What If I Fail?

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One way to think about what a failed SARM test may look like, we should discuss the military’s policy on drugs in general

If you test positive for schedule 1-3 drugs–marijuana, cocaine, etc., that’s the end of your time in the military, period. 

You’ll get a dishonorable discharge at the very least, and it may be taken even farther.

There is no way we can speak for various branches of the military, and certainly not individual platoons, sergeants, etc. 

These substances are firmly on the banned lists, so the most responsible word we can give is to just not risk it.

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What About Other Countries, Do They Have MK-677 Drug Test?

One country that is similar to the U.S. in some ways is the UK. They have the same testing and same procedures as the U.S.

The Australian army looks to the WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) for guidance–whatever the WADA bans, so does the Australian army.

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Canada does not have an open-door policy toward SARMs or MK-677 either. There is no military that has a lenient policy toward unapproved substances. 

That just isn’t how militaries work.  

If you are in the military, you’re putting yourself at risk if you’re using SARMs. 

As for MK-677, the situation is slightly different.  You’re less likely to be tested for MK-677, and it is a non-SARM. 

But whether it’s SARMs or substances that promote HGH growth hormone, don’t get too comfortable. 

SARMS are officially banned by militaries. They may not test for them very carefully or often, but that could change at any time. 

At the very least, be ready to change your habits as needed.

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I am not a doctor, and this is not official medical advice.


Q. Is MK-677 a banned substance?

A. The short answer is “no.”  MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue, meaning that it promotes the secretion of it, which stimulates higher levels of IGF-1.

Now, one major benchmark for any supplement is that it be approved by the FDA.  MK-677 does not have that designation, but that doesn’t mean it’s a banned substance. 

MK-677 isn’t on the schedule of illegal drugs (schedules 1, 2, and 3) that defines illegality.

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In terms of sports, it’s banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from every applicable sport. 

If you’re a competitive athlete, yes, MK-677 is a banned sport, and there will be a drug test in these sports.

Q. Can Ibutamoren (MK-677) Be Detected in a Urine Test?

A. Yes, according to this study.  Another piece of evidence is that Yoel Romero was tested positive by the UCF, so their test did detect it.

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Q. Does Growth Hormone Show Up in Urine?

A. It’s complicated.  There’s a type of test called an isoform test.  It can detect HGH, but it’s not completely accurate. 

Sometimes people are physically caught with the substance or with an insulin like growth factor or a secretagogue.  

Q. How Long Do SARMS stay in the urine?

A. MK 677 (Ibutamoren) has a half-life of 24 hours but it will stay in the urine for generally about three weeks. 

People with a higher weight or with higher metabolism will get rid of it more quickly.

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