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How to Get rid of Baby Acne: 3 Basic Steps

How to get rid of baby acne, which is very common and can be present from the moment an infant is born?

Just like teenage acne, it appears as red bumps or pimples surrounded by reddish skin. The most common areas for baby acne to appear are on the cheeks, forehead, chin and back. In order to get rid of baby acne, it’s important to understand what causes a baby’s skin to become more prone to this condition.

Saliva is one of the most common culprits for a baby’s skin to be irritated. Another would be spit-up milk and rough, uncomfortable fabric that has been washed with strong laundry detergent. Ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, coconut diethanolamide and fragrances are rash-inducing substances even for adults. If you sneeze or itch just from wearing clothes washed with typical laundry soap, this could most likely trigger baby acne on your child. Sodium lauryl is a chemical compound known to excessively dry skin while fragrances used in detergent oftentimes contain allergens, apart from it being unnecessary. Coconut diethanolamide works the same way as sodium lauryl sulfate and is a big “no-no” if you want to get rid of baby acne.

It is important to be discriminating when choosing the right clothing material so as to get rid of acne. You may get caught up with the cutest prints but if the fabric is abrasive, choose softer ones like cotton, jersey knit, soft polyester or bamboo rayon to avoid baby acne. Bamboo rayon is a good option since it is durable and thermos-regulating, which is perfect in case your baby gets hot and fussy.

Research also points out that newborns might receive certain hormones from their moms that lead to baby acne. Medication taken by breastfeeding mothers also encourage the growth of baby acne.

The first thing you should do when baby acne crops up is to read through the labels of products that come in contact with his or her skin. It’s always good to research what chemicals or their derivatives are causing the breakout in order to effectively get rid of baby acne. Once you spot any of them listed, discontinue using these products.

To get rid of baby acne, wash or throw away dirty toys, pillow cases and floor mats that provide conducive environments for bacteria to grow. Inspect your child’s playroom and disinfect anything that comes in contact with his or her face and hands. Some things seem clean at first glance but a good washing wouldn’t hurt, especially when your baby decides to put them in his or her mouth. For an added measure to get rid of baby acne, offer sanitizers to people who would like to cuddle or hug with your baby. For baby acne, vitamins supplement or body wash should be avoided.

Most moms make the mistake of using over-the counter medications designed for adolescent in order to get rid of baby acne. The bad news is that creams and ointments formulated for teens and adults are too harsh and may even worsen baby acne. Aside from excessively drying sensitive skin, it could cause your infant pain. Scrubbing won’t get rid of baby acne either as it exfoliates the protective outermost layer of skin.

What you could change up, however, is how do your child’s daily cleaning routine to permanently get rid of baby acne. Choose a very mild soap when washing his or her body in order to keep it clean and to ease the appearance of baby acne. Avoid any harsh exfoliating items such as loofas and wash rags and always pat dry with a clean towel. Skip any oil-based moisturizers and scented lotions after bathing your baby. The substances in these products clog pores and lead to baby acne formation. Additionally, applying chemicals on your baby’s skin just after cleaning it will neutralize all your previous efforts to get rid of baby acne.

These are very simple steps in on how to get rid of baby acne. As a mom, you may be hyped in keeping a lookout for things in your child’s environment that could cause this condition but I would like you to remember that those red bumps rarely bother your child. It doesn’t stop your kid from playing and discovering the world around him or her. For this reason, the greatest factor to get rid of baby acne lies in how patient you are in dealing with the situation. Don’t pine around it or let it bother you from spending precious moments.

Elisabeth Hasselblad

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