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Beauty for expecting mothers: Does pregnancy cause acne?

Acne and Pregnant women: Can pregnancy cause acne?

Can pregnancy cause acne? One of nature’s most amazing things is reproduction. The ability to form an entire being from the combination of mere cells is just mind blowing. Some people consider this a miracle. And surely it is. Got a bun in the oven? Congratulations! That is very good you. Not every woman is privileged with ability and chance to give birth. Just imagining the sound of a baby crying after an endless gestation period would bring tears of joy to any mother. Think about that moment when the doctor hands you your baby boy or girl. You’ll get to experience a happiness that is filled with a love so complete that no one could ever steal. No wonder some people say nothing can separate a child from a mother’s love. If you are among the women who get to feel such joy, then count yourself lucky. However, now that you just realized you are pregnant, could it be the cause of your breakout? Does pregnancy cause acne? Well, have a look below and find out for yourself. Perhaps pregnancy cause acne indeed.

What to expect when pregnant

The thing with pregnancies is that they come as a surprise. Sometimes, pregnancy cause acne. So, how do you even know you are pregnant? One thing about the human body is that it will always give you a sign of change. Maybe pregnancy cause acne. Even before that beautiful pot belly starts showing, you need to start noticing signs of pregnancy. Sometimes, a simple headache could be an indication that something is being formed inside of you. If this headache becomes more frequent, know that something might be up. See a doctor if possible. Another symptom you might have heard about is preeclampsia. This is a high blood pressure condition in pregnant women. According to Forbes a research of 140 women was done by well established researchers on pregnant women. The research showed that most women tend to get hypertensive disorders and headaches.

Another common sign you are probably familiar with is morning sickness. Feel like vomiting? Well, if that nausea persists and you do start vomiting, know something is up. The other signal is a missed monthly period. However, this can be a false alarm at times. Mood swings are also a major sign of pregnancy. Although it might seem like pretence to some men, it really is not. It is normal for a pregnant woman to be happy at one time and angry the next minute. Additionally, disliking certain foods is also pretty normal during pregnancy. Besides that, you could get pimples on face during pregnancy. After all, your hormones are acting up. Therefore, it is normal to experience changes on your skin. However, they may not be very good changes. So, be prepared. Furthermore, pregnancy cause acne. How does pregnancy cause acne though? Just keep reading.

Acne and pregnancy

Could acne prove that you are indeed with child? Can pregnancy cause acne? Well, some people believe that it’s true. Pregnancy cause acne. However, why does pregnancy cause acne? The first thing is hormonal imbalances. One thing for sure, is that pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal spikes. When a woman gets pregnant, she produces a lot of estrogen. This hormone is causes increased breast size. It also stimulates production of breast milk. Additionally, estrogen causes your skin to be extra sensitive. Any change in the environment and your skin will react. This is one reason pregnancy cause acne. Sometimes, it is just your skin adapting to the changing surrounding. That’s why you might develop some dark or tanned patches on your face. You can always fix this with toners and concealer though.

According to whattoexpect , pregnancy is also associated with hormone progesterone. This hormone is responsible for triggering production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Excess sebum or skin oil combines with dead skin cells to form plugs that clog your skin pores. Clogged pores end up forming pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and other forms of acne. So, does pregnancy cause acne? Yes it does. There is no way your skin can resist all those hormones no matter how hard you try. There are only two ways to deal with such hormonal changes. The first is to wait it out until you give birth. After all, it’s only nine months. The other one is to use natural home remedies. So, when does pregnancy acne clear up? There is no telling exactly when during the pregnancy. However, you could always use mild acne cleansers.

Foods you need to avoid when pregnant

When you get pregnant, you are likely to have an affinity towards certain things. One of them is going to be food. Some people become attracted to salty foods, others to more sugar and others to vinegar. It’s all relative. However, there are some kinds of foods that you need to steer clear of. The American pregnancy organization specifies some foods pregnant women should avoid. One of them is unpasteurized milk. It contains listeria that could cause headaches, fevers, nausea and even vomiting. Additionally, cow milk also contains hormones that might trigger production of pore clogging cells. You want to stay away from milk when you are pregnant. Furthermore, skimmed milk contains whey and casein that stimulate production of IGF-1. A hormone that is similar to insulin. A rise in IGF-1 in a pregnant woman combined with estrogen and progesterone will lead to a breakout.

Besides milk, try reducing the coffee a bit. In fact, don’t take any coffee for the next 9 months. It will do your pregnancy and your skin some good. The thing with caffeine is that it might cause a miscarriage. You do not want this. Apart from that, caffeine also stimulates production of stress hormones in your body. This in turn increases your overall sugar levels and triggers secretion of insulin. A high amount of insulin increases sebum production that combines with dead skin cells to form acne. Coffe during pregnancy cause acne. If you can, stay away from processed foods, especially refined carbohydrates. Sodas, white bread, sugar, chips, and so on are not good for your skin. They will all also cause an imbalance in your insulin levels. Since, you know that pregnancy cause acne, it is best not to fuel it with other hormones. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

Here are some beauty tips

Women will always want to look beautiful even when they are pregnant. Since pregnancy cause acne, you are probably going to try some new cosmetics. Perhaps you’ll try some different sunscreen, shampoo, soap, face mask or moisturizer. You have to be careful though. Not every beauty product is meant for pregnant women. Every time you shop for vitamins supplements or primers, remember that pregnancy cause acne. You do not want to use the wrong beauty product during pregnancy. Therefore, as you set your foundation before going out, make sure you know its contents. For a start, stay away from beauty products that are past their expiration date. Such products could lead to formation of bacteria on your skin. When these bacteria combine with sebum and dead skin cells, it could lead to serious inflammations. So, always check the expiry date.

Did you know that there are beauty products that are specifically manufactured for pregnant women? Instyle.com recommends a couple of beauty products for pregnancy. A good option is bio oil. Not only does it repair annoying stretch marks, but it is also a good moisturizer for dry skin. Its restorative capabilities are good for restoring acne affected areas to their original state. Apart from that, you could also use glycolic acid to combat acne. It would also be great if you could stay away from complex beauty products. Keep it simple. Try some pure extra virgin oil for a change. It is a great moisturizer and dries quickly. So, you don’t have to worry about it solidifying and clogging you pores.

How to deal with acne when pregnant

Does pregnancy cause acne? Maybe you have experienced early pregnancy acne on chin or pimples on face during early pregnancy. Well, acne early pregnancy or pms is not the end of life. You can still combat it. Are you still experiencing pimples on face during pregnancy home remedies? Not to worry. Here are a few new things recommended by healthline that you can try. Have you used apple cider vinegar yet? All you need to do is apply it on your skin. It will then absorb the sebum from your skin, keeping it dry and oil free. No sebum means no pore-clogging and thus no acne. Since, pregnancy cause acne, you want to use something with great antibacterial properties. Why don’t you use honey? This sweet substance will act as an antiseptic to fight off any acne causing bacteria on your skin.

Have you considered working out? Don’t even use that “I’m pregnant” get away card. Just think about how pregnancy cause acne on your skin. You’ll be in your gym shorts sooner than you can say pregnancy cause acne. Exercise will help burn some of that fat in your skin. However, keep it simple. Don’t do vigorous exercises. It’s best to consult a specialized pregnancy gym instructor for this. Additionally, remember to always wash your face thoroughly after a good work out. You do not want melted sebum cooling off and solidifying to form plugs that clog your pores. Finally, remember to watch your diet. Stay away from fatty foods, dairy and refined carbs. They are not good for your skin, especially with all the hormonal activity in your body. Remember, pregnancy cause acne. Avoid what you can.

Things to keep in mind

Is acne after ovulation sign of pregnancy? Can pregnancy cause acne? You probably know the answers to those questions. Acne is indeed a sign of pregnancy. You could even get pimples during pregnancy. It occurs during the early stages of gestation and could last until delivery. Nevertheless, there are various ways of dealing with acne pregnancy. Avoid over the counter chemical prescriptions. Some of them could make your pregnancy cause acne. You could try some of the suggested home remedies. Take honey and olive oil for example.They are great moisturizers, cheap, and easy to find. Not like conventional medicine that could sometimes be too pricey for nothing. Exercising also wouldn’t be that bad. A daily walk and exercise routine would be helpful in dealing with skin oil production. Finally, avoid foods that could trigger insulin and sebum production. Keep it natural. Fruits and vegetables are best for pregnancies. From all that, it is safe to conclude that pregnancy cause acne. For more tips, try searching pregnancy cause acne reddit. You might find further helpful information from women experiencing the same thing you are.

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