Does MK-677 Improve Sleep Quality? Supercharge Your Sleep with MK-677

Does MK-677 improve sleep quality? Is your night’s sleep not as good as could be?

Are you looking for a way to improve your sleep? We have the miracle cure for you!

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The secret to the sleep you crave is ibutamoren, also known as MK-677.

Read below for the info on how MK-677 improves sleep quality. It’s all backed by solid science!

The Magical Science of MK-677: novel growth hormone secretagogue

MK-677 (also known as ibutamoren) This supplement doesn’t belong under the category “steroids” despite exhibiting some anabolic traits.

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To get technical about it, MK-677 is a secretagogue of HGH (human growth hormone) which means it promotes its secretion into the system.

It does so by replicating a hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates hunger and produces HGH.

Does MK-677 Improve Sleep Quality? Unlock the Secret of Better Sleep?

Because MK-677 aids in the production of HGH, it gives the user benefits such as hair growth, faster recovery from injuries, better workout performance (including less fatigue), increased muscle mass, and greater energy.

What does any of this have to do with better sleep?

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Well, a clinical trial involving Oxford University scientists, treated 14 men (8 from ages 18-30 and 6 aged 65-71).

They were given 2 mg of MK-677 during the first part of the study and 25 mg MK 677 in the second part.

As a result of taking MK-677, both groups enjoyed a 50% increase in sleep, while the older cohort experienced a nearly 50% increase in REM sleep (to the 20% in the younger group).

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This randomized controlled trial shows that in men, an increase in ghrelin (the hormone that, one paragraph up, is stimulated by MK-677) equates to more time asleep during the night.

So that is the mechanism by which MK-677 aids in sleep.

Sleep in Five Phases

You’re probably familiar with the idea that sleep comes in phases. These have to do with what the brain is doing at a particular time. Here they are.

sleep cycle stages: does mk-677 improve sleep quality
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Phase One (non-REM)

This is the early, shallow form of sleep. It comes just as you’re going under and not long after.

In this phase, your brainwaves haven’t gone down deep, and you could easily be awakened by a roommate’s radio or something similar.

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Phase Two (non-REM)

In this phase, you’re asleep and less likely to be jarred awake. That’s because your brainwaves are getting deeper into sleep and your heart rate is slowing.

However, you haven’t gotten into dream sleep yet. That’s an important detail.

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Phases Three and Four (non-REM)

It’s taking a heckuva time to get to REM, right? Well, first we have to talk about delta sleep, also known as phases three and four.

In delta sleep, cell regeneration begins, which is one of the benefits of sleep. Hormone release happens during this time.

Phase Four (REM Sleep)

This is the part of your sleep cycle when your brain deepens into rapid eye movement sleep. It is in this stage that you have dreams.

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Now, you don’t just go into one REM stage and then wake up, but you go through multiple REM stages, slipping back into earlier phases in between.

But don’t fret none, since we’re going to explain REM sleep in great detail.

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Does MK-677 Improve Sleep Quality? REM-work Makes the Dream Work

As mentioned, REM sleep (in which your eyes literally move fast) is the only phase in which we dream.

The main point of REM sleep is that it’s the kind of sleep we need to feel rested. If you get sleep in other phases, but your REM sleep is interrupted, you’ll feel less rested.

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Some psychologists believe that the strange, seemingly random images we see in dreams help “clear” our brains in a certain way, lightening a load so to speak.

Well, another reason we may feel rested from REM sleep is that during it, your blood pressure and heart rate actually fluctuate (partly due to the stimuli during the dream).

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That might sound bad—and in the deeper sleep of phases three and four blood pressure and heart rate are low—but those variations are actually important for cardiovascular health.

Further, lack of REM sleep can cause migraines and can contribute to obesity.

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MK-677 Supercharges REM Sleep

Users tend to report an increase in restful sleep from MK-677. That is why a lot of users take it before bed.

However, it can also be taken during the day, since it lasts roughly 24 hours. As long as this doesn’t bring sleepiness during the day, this might be a way.

Above, we showed clinical studies that showed the value of MK-677 in aiding REM sleep, so it’s just a matter of how to do it, and individual results will vary.

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Transdermal patches may be a good method, particularly if you’re looking for the effects to kick in more quickly. You may also experiment with capsules, and if you have to use two different types of delivery, there’s no shame in that.

Are MK-677 Dreams Vivid?

It depends. One thing we should clear up first, though, is that dreams don’t have to be vivid for your sleep to be restful.

On the other hand, vivid dreams don’t have to lead to people acting out their dreams in their sleep or waking up distressed.

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Some users have reported vivid dreams, but then again, many don’t report it. This will differ from person to person.

FAQ: Does MK-677 improve sleep quality?

Q. Does MK-677 Make You Tired? MK 677 Sleep Quality

A. The main mechanism triggered by ibutamoren (aka MK-677) is the secretion of ghrelin, which, as noted above, tends to make people tired.

That’s why it’s an interesting combination. It can improve sleep late at night.

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But as it reaches its half life (the time it takes for your system to remove half of it from your system), of 24 hours, it no longer makes a person tired and actually aids in energy.

A prolonged oral treatment with mk 677 growth hormone secretagogue improves sleep quality in man.

Now, if your actual results vary, adjust accordingly.

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Q. Does MK-677 Improve Sleep Quality? Does MK-677 Suppress Testosterone?

A. It does not. Remember, MK-677 is not a SARM. Therefore, it doesn’t have the same relationship to testosterone as SARMs do.

Now, this scientific study demonstrated a small decrease of “serum testosterone” among participants in a course of MK-677. Yet, the participants did not experience a decrease in “free testosterone.”

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It’s important to look into the particulars of “studies” that anyone points you toward—if someone refers to an increase or a decrease, getting the whole story, particularly how much of an increase or decrease, is important.

Q. Does MK-677 Make You fat?

A. No. One of the reasons some people may ask this question is that it does promote appetite. This is due to the face that it promotes the release of ghrelin, which creates hunger.

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A lot of people take MK-677 to bulk up with weights, and the protein they consume helps in this goal.

If you are interested in cutting weight, MK-677 may not be for you.

Q. Does MK-677 Improve Sleep Quality? How Long Can I Stay on MK-677?

A. The standard cycle of MK-677 is 8-12 weeks and one shouldn’t stay on it longer than that. One thing MK-677 does is to promote cell division.

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Therefore, staying on it too long isn’t advisable. Before you go into a second cycle, be sure to consult a doctor.