Does MK-677 Cause Bloating? What You Absolutely Need To Know

Does MK-677 cause bloating? You’ve heard the hype, you’ve seen your buds getting ripped. 

You’re looking into MK-677.  But you’ve heard that it can cause bloat in the midsection.

 That’s not the kind of bulking up you’re looking for, and you don’t want a body of lean muscle mass but with a bloated belly.

Only purchase MK-677 from a reputable seller.

The short answer to the question you’re asking is “not exactly.”  You might also put it “yes, but not if you use it right.” 

Any bloating to come from the use of MK-677 (ibutamoren, nutrobal) comes from using too much or from doing something that asks for abdominal bloating.

So let’s cut through all the bloat and get some clarity.

BodyBuilders Pump MK677- But Why? What is a Growth Hormone Secretagogue

Dude, your bros are showing up nice and trim and lean with ripping results after taking MK-677.

What gives?

Well, MK-677 is what’s called a growth hormone secretagogue, meaning that it works with the body’s glands to spur secretions of more growth hormone. 

That’s where the bulk can come from, as you know.

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But growth hormone also helps a weight lifter recover better from the physical stresses on the body. 

It makes a person feel energized, and not only that, but it is on record among users as helping sleep and a feel of being rested!

What Floats a Body Builder’s Mk 677 Bloat?

So after that intro to ibutamoren/Mk-677, we get to the bloating controversy. What is all this blabber about bloat?

Surely you’ve heard the terms: Palumboism, bubble gut, muscle gut, roid gut. HGH gut. 

They all describe what almost looks like a fat stomach, but really isn’t. 

It’s a bloated appearance on a stomach that also can have very toned abdominal muscles, and most people don’t think it looks too flattering.

bubble gut among bodybuilders: Does MK-677 Cause Bloating
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In just a bit, I’ll get into the causes and ins and outs of this bloat in plenty of (gut-wrenching) detail. 

But the main and most common cause is injections of HGH, or any other sort of abuse of actual HGH. Once you get to about 5 mg per day, you very well could be in trouble.

Now, keep in mind, we’re talking about injections of commercially-available HGH.  Ibutamoren/Mk-677 spurs the growth of natural HGH.  Simply use correct doses, and you’ll be OK.

So Is This Water Retention?

The kind of bloat that comes from steroids, SARMS, or excess HGH, is specific to the abdominal region.  It can happen without water retention. 

Water retention has certain specific causes, and often involves swelling in the ankles or other parts of the body than the stomach.

Now, this doesn’t mean that abdominal bloating can’t be caused by water retention. 

Water retention can in turn be caused by high carb food intake, which of course, bodybuilders tend to munch down in high quantities.

bodybuilder: Does MK-677 Cause Bloating
Image by Alora Griffiths via Unsplash
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Does MK-677 Cause Bloating: Is MK-677 Off The Hook for Bloat?

It is the case that reports of bloating during or after MK-677 use are correct. 

But it’s not just any use–it’s misuse that causes the problem.  There are a few ways that misuse can cause problems, and here they are:

  1. Taking too much– Above, we outlined the idea that a lot of bodybuilders inject HGH, and that causes bloat. Taking too much MK-677 can also bloat you in the abdominal area.  Check your cycle. Your dosage should be about 15-25 mg per day.  You don’t want to go over that more than maybe once or twice, and if you do, it’s not the fault of the MK-677 if you experience some bloat.

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  1. Insulin abuse– Some people on MK-677 think they’re experiencing an increase in blood sugar.  Therefore, they decide to take some insulin.  You shouldn’t do this unless under the care of a doctor, and insulin gut is a good example of why.  Unnecessary insulin stores fat behind the stomach, and thus bloating.
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  1. Bad diet– The way MK-677 works is to stimulate a hormone called grehlin, which, in addition to its main function, stimulates appetite. While it may be okay to put away some calories while lifting a lot, that doesn’t mean you should go crazy. And even if you don’t, a high-calorie diet, particularly one high in carbs, will give you that bloated gut look. It’s not the MK-677 but how you handle it.

Does MK-677 Cause Bloating: Give the Boot to the Bloat

  1. Don’t take too much– Don’t go over 30 mg per day for any reason–see how much benefits you can get out of 25. Use MK 677 with moderation.
  2. Don’t take insulin– Ibutamoren/MK-677 has been proven to not cause insulin resistance. Some feelings you get that can be mistaken for blood sugar problems are just hunger. If you experience bloat from insulin, that doesn’t mean it’s the MK-677 that causes the bloat.
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  1. Don’t pig out– The way to deal with increased hunger that will probably come from  MK-677 is to eat plenty of lean and healthy proteins, not carbs.  Be sure not to eat foods high in sodium either.  That’s one of the things that will lead to water retention and if that happens, bloating will occur.

As you can see, it’s not a sure thing that MK-677 will cause bloat–far from it.

It’s really a matter of how you take the MK-677 and how you behave.

Be smart and avoid habits that will cause bloating and you should be OK.

Standard Disclaimer

What you are reading is the best available research. But I am not a doctor and this is not official medical advice.

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Does MK-677 Cause Bloating: FAQ

Q. Does MK-677 Cause Bloating: Does MK-677 Cause Water Retention?

A. The short answer is “not really.”  This question works a lot like the quandary over bloating. Activities that sometimes happen during MK-677 can lead to water retention–a high sodium diet is top of the list. In general, bad dietary habits can lead to it.  Some people will report retention and some do not. But it’s not MK itself, but some of the habits surrounding it. Some people also report an improvement of sleep quality and a decrease in body fat as side effects.

Q. How much water weight do you gain on MK-677?

A. If you are using pure ibutamoren, not taking too much, exercising enough while taking it (which is the whole point), and not scarfing a ton of sodium, you’ll probably be okay.  Otherwise, who knows? You could gain 4-8 pounds in the first couple of weeks, but it’s artificial, just water weight gain.  Do your best to avoid it, though. Be smart.

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Q Does MK-677 Cause Bloating: Does MK-677 Make you hold water?

A. No. Not if used correctly.  You’ll hold water if you eat a diet high in carbs or high in sodium, or if you use tainted ibutamoren.

Q. Does MK-677 Make you bloated?

A. That is more HGH. It can cause problems. But MK-677 is not HGH–it is a secretagogue for it, causing it to increase. If you use the supplement properly (try reading some of this article) you will be fine.

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Q. Does MK-677 help joints?

A. You bet, private jet. It’s great for this stuff! Not only does the HGH it generates good for strengthening joints after stress on them due to workouts, but MK-677 also rebuilds collagen.  Collagen is the best thing for joints. 

Q. Does MK-677 cause brain damage?

A. This would go beyond a side effect, wouldn’t it?  Well, rumors about this may come from studies on rats that showed some link between increased grehlin levels and fear responses, particularly the memory of fear, or retention of it.  However, in the study, grehlin was injected into the rats’ brains. 

That’s not how it works with humans–the hormone is increased, growing organically. So you may not wish to worry too much about this. It is mostly the glands that MK-677 impacts, and there’s no evidence of brain damage among people.