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Drinks and acne: Do sodas cause acne?

Food for thought: Will sodas cause acne to your skin?

If you are a fan of diet drinks, then you must have heard the question, can sodas cause acne?” This raging skin condition has caused even soda lovers to question their favorite drink. So, is it true? Can soft drinks cause acne? Would a couple of sodas cause acne to your skin? Take a moment and close your eyes for a second. Imagine a cold bottle of your best soda in the middle of the desert. Think of the sweaty drops that slowly trickle down its side. See how brittle the glass looks against the glaring sun with a mirage far in the horizon. Beautiful, isn’t it? So, how can something that looks so innocent be the cause of your skin condition? Well, some people think that the contents in the sodas cause acne. Is it true though? What proof is there? Maybe that cold drink you take every afternoon or after a long day of hard work isn’t so good. It could just be the reason you are having those pimples and blackheads on your forehead.

Why soda is bad for you

Fact is that some people don’t want to hear the hard truth that sodas cause acne. Yes, it hurts but doesn’t every other truth? Every sip of that refreshing beverage is a sip towards poor health. Most good things in life come at a cost. Unfortunately, the cost you have to pay for soda is your health. Is it worth it though? Did you know that sodas cause acne? Yes, they do. The sugar and caffeine contained in sodas can be quite harmful. You will find out more details about how these beverage contents cause inflammations in the next section. Besides acne, soda can lead to serious weight problems. According to medicdaily, Harvard researchers calculated that each additional soda consumed raises the risk of obesity by 1.6 times. That is a very high risk if you think about it. Therefore, you’d better be careful.

Moreover, soda can cause heart disease. That means you stand the risk of a heart attack just by drinking this beverage. According to authoritynutrition, sugary soda can lead to insulin resistance. This is a major cause of metabolic syndrome. This condition leads to heart disease and diabetes. You do not want to have this combination on your system. If you love soft drinks so much, you should expect your belly fat to build up. So, forget about that “six pack” you are working so hard to get. Does soda cause cancer? Yes, it can cause cancer in your uterus that can lead to serious complications and even death. Don’t even forget about the addiction. One soda has never been enough. Give it a try. Keep away from soda for a couple of weeks and see how difficult it is. Although sodas cause acne, they also come with other serious problems.

Soft drinks and acne

The most important question in your mind right now is probably how sodas cause acne. Every soft drink lover needs to know soda effects on skin. As one highly qualified dermatologist puts it in foxnews , the biggest problem about sodas is the crazy amounts of sugar. The thing with sugar is that it directly affects the insulin levels in your body. When you drink sugary soda, your body experiences an insulin imbalance. Too much insulin in your body leads to production of pore clogging cells. What happens is that, excess insulin triggers production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. This skin oil then combines with dead skin cells to form plugs that block your skin pores. When this plugs mix with bacteria, it can lead to severe inflammations. Sugar is not the only reason sodas cause acne though.

Caffeine is also a reason sodas cause acne. The caffeineinformer says that there are 46 mg of caffeine per 12 fl.oz can of diet coke. Besides that, diet coke contains 32% more caffeine that Coca Cola classic. That is a lot of caffeine. Too much soda increases the level of caffeine in your body. You already know that caffeine is a drug. So, there is nothing good that can come from it. In fact, it is one of the reasons some people get addicted to soda. Furthermore, too much caffeine increases your stress levels and stimulates production of stress hormones. These hormones then affect insulin levels in your body by causing production of too much insulin. The insulin then stimulates secretion of sebum and that ultimately leads to acne. So the answer to your question is a profound yes! Sodas cause acne indeed.

What drinks cause acne?

Does carbonated water cause acne? Does tea cause acne? Knowing the type of drinks that might cause acne is really important. Only then will you be aware of the beverages you need to avoid in order to maintain a healthy skin. So, what drinks cause acne? From the above, at least you know that soda causes acne. What a about diet drinks though. Can diet soda cause acne? Since diet soda does not contain so much sugar, it may not cause acne through sugar. However, it still has a substantial amount of caffeine in it. This caffeine puts your skin at a risk of contracting acne. Have you ever heard about diet coke cystic acne? Well, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a diet or classic coca cola. You still stand high chance getting acne from any type of coke. So, it’s about time you start looking for alternatives.

It’s true that sodas cause acne but coffee is also another drink that causes acne. In fact, it has more caffeine levels than soda. So, you are likely to experience a greater insulin imbalance with coffee than with soda. This translates to a higher risk of acne. Moreover, you also have milk. Apparently, this common household drink isn’t so innocent after all. Whether skimmed or whole, milk could cause acne on your skin. Did you know that cow milk contains hormones that react to testosterone in your body? This reaction stimulates sebum production on your skin and eventually results to inflammation. Skimmed milk also contains whey and casein. These two substances will definitely make you breakout. So, stay away from milk. Even packaged juice isn’t that good. With the amount of sugar and preservatives they contain, you are bound to experience acne. From the above, you can conclude that sodas cause acne.

Beauty products versus acne

Sometimes, even beauty comes at a cost. Unfortunately, some people have to pay for it with their skin. Do you love your makeup, toners, primers, vitamins supplements and face masks? Well, they could be the reason behind your skin acne. So, before you say sodas cause acne, think about your cosmetics too. It could even be you soap or shampoo. Therefore, think twice before you set that foundation or that concealeron your skin. According to [byrdie.com]( http://www.byrdie.com/why-am-i-breaking-out-makeup/slide2) some beauticians suggest that some ingredients in [makeup] could cause acne. Take acrylics for instance. They are very critical for holding other ingredients together. Actually, it acts like plastic. However, when you apply it on your skin, it traps all other components under the skin. Since the skin cannot dispose these ingredients, they end up forming a plug that clogs your pores. This ends up causing pimples and other inflammation on your skin.

What about sunscreens and moisturizers. Do they also cause acne? Yes they do. Just like sugar makes sodas cause acne, some of them contain contents that could aggravate acne. That’s why you need to carefully choose your beauty products every time you go shopping. You want to go for stuff that is non-comedogenic. These are products that have low tendencies to clog pores. How do you know if your beauty products won’t cause you acne? Check for customer reviews, especially for any history of complaints. Besides that, stay far away from parabens. These preservatives are not only dangerous to your health, but can also cause you hormonal imbalances. Remember to always ensure that you’re buying products that are free from parabens. Apart from parabens, you also need to stay away from strongly perfumed cosmetics. Some of these fragrances actually end up irritating your skin and could aggravate your acne.

What to do about it

Since sodas cause acne, what comes next? Should you give up sodas for good? Well, if you are strong enough, then go ahead. You’ll actually be doing yourself and your loved ones a favor. Think of all the costs that come with treating acne. It can be quite a nightmare sometimes. The hassle of visiting dermatologists and buying countless drugs can be really frustrating. Not to worry though. Help is finally here. Instead of drinking soda, why don’t you try something more natural? Fruit juice wouldn’t be that bad. You could blend some avocado or mango juice. They are way more nutritious than soda. Try mixing some fruits to form interesting cocktails. Explore some of nature’s finest gifts. Lemon juice and lime are also not that bad. They are great options for sebum production and fighting acne.

Ever heard the common quote that water is life? Well, it really is. Most of the world is made of water and almost every organism depends on water. So, why not add some more life into your body? Drink a glass or two sometimes. Furthermore, water also contains great hydration capabilities that make it a good moisturizer for your skin. On top of that, water is cheaper than soda, thus allowing you to save a couple of bucks. Anytime you feel like taking a soft drink, remember that sodas cause acne. Green tea could also be good for you. In fact, this tea is great for reducing skin oil secretion. Therefore, it reduces formation of pore-clogging cells that form acne.

Things to keep in mind

There are a number of beverages that cause acne and one of them is soda. All that said, it is safe to conclude that sodas cause acne. At least now you know that you can get an acid rash from drinking soda. Besides acne, soda could also lead to obesity. From the above, you can see that it is sugar and caffeine that make sodas cause acne. Both of these two substances mess with the insulin levels in your body. This hormonal imbalance leads to more sebum production on the skin. Excess skin oil ends up mixing with dead skin cells and bacteria to form acne. However, there are some ways to deal with soda and acne. For example, going for healthier drinks such as water and fruit juices is a nice option. So, if you know sodas cause acne, why don’t you try something else? In case you want more information, try searching “sodas cause acne reddit”. You never know. You might find something that is of help.

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