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Acne Scars Have Disappeared After a $400 Laser Facial

Today I came across this story from dailymail.co.uk that talks about how Maeve Madden, an Instagram Star from Dublin, underwent a facial laser treatment to improve her acne scars.

Though Maeven recognizes that the treatment was painful at first, she says her skin is much smoother after the treatment.

Most dermatologists agree that increasing your vitamins intake can help cure your acne woes.


An Instagram star has revealed how a £300 Pixel facial has helped get rid of her acne scars – but admits the treatment left her in ‘excruciating pain’. Maeve Madden, 29, from Dublin, said she decided to try out the laser facial because her skin had been negatively affecting her confidence levels.  Just 15 minutes after undergoing the treatment – during which she noticed the ‘horrendous’ smell of her skin burning – the personal trainer said her face began turning a ‘deep red’ colour. However, just a week later, her skin has started to heal and most of her acne scars have gone. ‘The results are worth it’: Instagram star reveals how her acne scars have disappeared after a £300 laser facial

thumbnail courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

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