masturbation cause acne

Does masturbation cause acne?

Can masturbation cause acne? What the real truth is!

For so long has this been a myth and not just in men but in women too. Does masturbation cause acne? Well, that’s a question no one has ever found the answer to until today. Could you be worsening your acne every time you take a happy hour break? Just think about every time you’ve taken that shampoo, soap, moisturizer, or sunscreen to pleasure yourself. Were you just having a good time or a good time ruining your skin? A quick look at a forum on steadyhealth is evidence enough about how confusing this topic is. Some people tend to think that the testosterone produced during masturbation might cause acne. Others suggest that the sudden closure of skin pores tends to trap skin oil and bacteria that plug the pores. On the other extreme, some people don’t even want to hear that masturbation cause acne. Well, is all of this true or is it just a misconception? Why don’t you keep reading and find out if really masturbation cause acne?

The science of masturbation

Before you go any further, you need to properly understand why masturbation causes acne. According to Wikipedia, masturbation is the act of stimulating your genitals for sexual arousal or pleasure. In some cultures, masturbation is considered a taboo whereas it is considered normal in some other places. Well, if you are reading this, you probably already know how it all goes down. However, what is the biological aspect? Take men for instance. When they pleasure themselves, they release an androgen known as testosterone. An androgen is simply a male sex hormone. When this happens, it causes a hormonal imbalance in the body. Such an imbalance in the body could result in production of more sebum on your skin. This skin oil then combines with the skin’s dead cells to form pore plugs. That is just one view though. And you wondered if masturbation causes acne!

So, can masturbation cause acne in women? Some biological study in acne.org show that even females produce a little bit of testosterone upon stimulation. It’s a bit strange that even females produce androgens, isn’t it? Apart from testosterone, you also have the love hormone- oxytocin. Although testosterone levels go back to normal a few minutes after achieving a climax, oxytocin levels shoot to 5 times than usual. All of these hormonal imbalances have an impact on your body functioning. For instance, even the testosterone in women could cause your skin to produce more oil. When this oil is produced, it combines with dead skin cells. You know how the rest goes. However, scientists have been unable to establish a direct link between hormonal imbalances and acne. Despite that, the two are still somewhat correlated. Therefore, next time you have fun with yourself, remember that there’s good chance masturbation cause acne.

How can masturbation cause acne?

If it is really true that masturbation cause acne, how exactly would it do this? Moreover, does masturbation cause pimple? Well, now that you understand the science of masturbation, it is easier to comprehend how this can happen. From the above, you see that self-stimulation leads to hormonal imbalances in the body. When that occurs, the body reacts and triggers the sebaceous glands. Note that these glands are endocrine in nature. That means that they do not need ducts to transfer their secretion. Therefore, sebaceous glands don’t just secrete sebum on your skin, they do it directly. Failure of the skin to dispose sebum quickly causes it to combine with dead skin cells and form plugs that block you skin pores. These plugs could even contain bacteria. With plugged skin pores, you stand the chance of getting pimples, blackheads, and other acne. Besides that, there is also something else that might make masturbation cause acne.

Did you know that every time you masturbate your body produces a lot of heat? Yes, just think about the last time you pleasured yourself. Touching yourself really gets your heart rate going, doesn’t it? A fast heart rate is normally associated with strong physical activities. This plus other bodily reactions cause your body to heat up and make you sweat. Well, that depends on how you are doing it though. According to the fashionspot, sweating is one of the things that cause acne breakouts. When you sweat and fail to wash your face after a heated “session”, the sebum produced cools down. It then solidifies and ends up plugging your skin pores to form pimples. Ever wonder why do excess masturbation cause pimples? It’s because of sweat. So, from now on take it easy and remember that too much masturbation cause acne.

Does masturbation cause acne in males?

Does masturbation lower testosterone or does masturbation increase testosterone? If you have been keen with all the above information, then the answer is pretty clear. Masturbation causes acne because it increases testosterone levels. This dominant androgen in males is what gives them sexual ecstasy. However, if you are a man, it could also be the reason you have been battling with acne all this while. So, how does masturbation cause acne in males? To really understand this, you need to have an in-depth look at the pathogenesis of it. This pathogenesis is what will enable you to understand why males are more likely to get acne from masturbation. To help you out, here is a more detailed view of how masturbation causes acne in males.

Note that too much self-pleasuring in males causes a substantial imbalance of your androgen hormones. Due to this imbalance, your body fails to fight bacteria that are known to cause acne. Moreover, masturbation also interferes with the sebum levels on your skin. As you already know, too much sebum results to acne. So, when testosterone is released due to excessive masturbation, it leads to an exchange of steroidogenic or steroid enzymes. When this happens, the enzymes convert an androstenolone known as DHEA into DHT. DHEA is an endogenous steroid hormone and DHT is a super androgen. According to herballove, DHT interacts with androgen receptors on sebaceous glands for developing acne. Apart from sex hormones alone, masturbation also leads to production of sex hormone metabolites that cause acne. Sounds like a really complex process, doesn’t it? Could masturbation cause acne in males? Well, now you know.

Are addicts more prone to acne?

First things first, how many times do you normally pleasure yourself in a week? Just be honest with yourself. Deep down, you should know if you have been taking it a bit overboard. In order to be sure you are an addict or not, ask yourself this question. Can I choose not to masturbate? Make sure you give the right answer. It’s for your own good anyway. Sometimes, you might be addicted and not even know. One way to know that you are addicted is if masturbation affects your work output. If you can’t help but think about how early you can get off work to masturbate, then you are addicted. Apart from that, you’ll also no you are addicted when you feel a lot of anxiety, depression and emotional distress. Since masturbation cause acne, addicts are likely to worsen this skin menace if they don’t stop.

An addiction to masturbation always leads to excessive self-pleasuring at some point. No matter how hard you try keeping it down to once a day; you will always find yourself going overboard. This is where the problem begins. Excessive masturbation leads to production of more testosterone level both in males and in females. With high levels of testosterone in your body, the sebaceous glands are left with no choice but to counteract this hormonal imbalance. This is where they produce sebum that combines with dead skin cells and so on. You know the rest. Despite that, you need to agree that masturbation is a psychological activity as well as physical. If done excessively, it can cause you to sweat. When sebum produced with sweat cools off, it solidifies and forms plugs that can cause you pimples. Are you still asking yourself, “Does masturbation cause acne?” Well, excess fondling sure can.

Quit if you can

Just like any other addiction, masturbation can really lower your self-esteem. This addictive habit has even ruined marriages in some cases. Although there are many myths that masturbation cause acne, this behavior has proved to do more harm than good for some people. Besides breaking marriages, masturbation is one of the most common forms of sexual addictions. To think that masturbation cause acne is just mind boggling. All those scientific explanations must have at least got you thinking about this behavior. The best thing to do is either keep it under control or quit masturbation altogether. Well, that’s if you can even condone such a thought. Anyway, it’s all easier said than done. Quitting masturbation isn’t like discontinuing your daily vitamins supplements. It’s even easier to go quit makeup and say no to concealer, toners, primers, or your favorite retinol cream. If you are a woman, then you understand.

So, how do you quit masturbation? First, stop thinking about it. Don’t consider it. Not even for a second! You’d better have fun with your sexual partner than by yourself. Anytime you feel like a self-pleasuring yourself get out of your private space and go to a public place. Another way to stop masturbating is by keeping yourself busy all the time. Even when it’s a bit slow at work, do something. Finish reading that book in your drawer. It could do you some good. It’s also important to know why you are masturbating excessively. Maybe you are depressed or lonely. You could also be suffering from severe frustration. If this is so, it is better to get some professional assistance. Don’t worry. It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Remember, masturbation cause acne. The sooner you take control over this habit, the sooner you might get rid of your acne.

A few things to note

Can masturbation cause acne? The answer to that question is a potential yes. Well, at least if you do it excessively, masturbation cause acne. From the above, you might have noticed that males stand a higher chance of getting acne from masturbation than females. That is because they secrete more testosterone levels than their female counterparts. So, next time someone asks you if masturbation cause acne in males, you know what to tell them. Other than that, sweating can also lead to formation pimples. So, next time you want to have some fun with yourself, take it a bit slow. Despite all that, the best solution to avoid acne from masturbation is if you quit. Think you can do it? Well, that’s entirely up to you to decide. To see how controversial this topic really is, try searching ‘masturbation cause acne reddit’ on your search engine. You’d be surprised at what people think.

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