8 foods that cause acne

Beauty Diet: 8 Foods that cause acne

Beware of foods that cause acne!

When it comes to foods that cause acne, there is no telling what damage can befall your skin. That’s why you really need to be aware of any potential foods that cause acne. Well, some of the foods that might cause acne are those that have too much fat or sugar. This is because such foods accelerate the production of sebum in the body. In turn, sebum triggers inflammation in your body that can ultimately lead to acne. Not all fatty or sugary foods cause acne though.

However, once you are done reading this, you might have to let go of some of your favorite foods. They just might be among the foods that cause acne on your face all this while. Not only will this help reduce your acne, but it might also help you tone that weight down a bit. Want to find out the type of foods that cause acne? Then keep on reading and see for yourself.

Common foods that cause acne

You’d be surprised and maybe a bit disappointed at some of the foods that cause acne. According to Yahoo, milk, coconut oil, bread, sugar, coffee, and soy are just some of the few foods that cause acne. Not to mention cheddar and pizza. Yes, even bread and coffee. So, if you still have trouble working without taking some coffee, it’s about time you start thinking of something else.

Try some fruit juice for a change. After all, it is a healthier choice. Take a look at the dairy. The thing with dairy milk is that it triggers hormones that cause pimples on your skin. If these pimples are not well taken care of, they end up forming acne on your face. You should also consider milk alternatives. Instead of using your usual cow or goat milk, consider some plant milk. Coconut or rice milk wouldn’t be that bad. They are not foods that cause acne.

Unfortunately, you might have to let go of ice cream. Yes, it will hurt at first but you will get used to it. Beauty always comes at a price! The thing with ice cream is that it contains both dairy and fat. Two foods that cause acne! That is more than your skin can handle. Surprisingly, you can find on Activebeat that even Pizza is among the foods that cause acne.

Well, it’s probably due to the cheese that is a dairy product. Since the bread base is made of wheat, it could also cause you acne. Bottom line is that you need to investigate your food anytime you feel like eating something. Does it have too much fat, sugar, or dairy? If any of these contents are high, then those are foods that cause acne.

Age, food and acne

Is acne associated with age? The answer to that question is a sound-Yes! If you are keen enough, you might notice that teenagers are most prone to get acne. This is usually due to the hormonal imbalances in their bodies. In teenage boys, it is testosterone that causes a breakout of pimples on their cheeks and foreheads. Combine this with foods that cause pimples on foreheads and you get a total acne disaster.

According to Medic8, 9% of teenagers develop acne. Out of these teenagers, there are more boys than girls. However, that doesn’t leave girls out. Their monthly cycles also cause hormonal imbalances that are likely to cause them pimples. With the pressure of looking good from their peers, girls are prone to burst their pimples prematurely. This in turn causes numerous acne scars on their faces.

Prevention says that 35% of women around 3 years old, 26% in their 4s, and 15% aged 5 and above face acne breakout problems. That means that even adults have to battle acne breakouts. However, men might be a bit lucky when it comes to acne. The reason is simple. Men care less when it comes to how their skin looks and use less skin cosmetics.

This puts them at a very low risk to getting pimples, let alone acne. If you are a woman, it might help to care less about how your skin looks all the time. Remember that the above percentages are just for natural occurring acne. There are also foods that cause acne in adults. For instance, dairy products would definitely cause an acne breakout in both teenagers and adults. Therefore, it is also critical to watch out for foods that cause acne even as an adult.

The clear skin diet

“Are there foods that get rid of acne?” You’ve probably asked yourself that question by now. Indeed, there are foods that help acne. However, knowing the foods that fight acne is not as easy as it seems, especially without the right information. Moreover, a diet that works for you may not necessarily work for someone else. So, you need to get your diet of foods that cure acne. Knowing where to start is not even that difficult.

Begin by assessing yourself. If you have had acne for some time, then you should know the foods you are most reactive to. It could even be vitamins supplements. Create a list of these foods. These are a strict “no!” for you from now own. You’ll find out that most of these foods you expel from your diet are mostly common options. It could be milk, bread, wheat flour, coconut oil, among others.

Since these are all foods that cause pimples and oily skin, you need to find other alternatives. Categorize your diet into beverages and meals. Start with beverages. What can you use to replace your every day glass of milk or cup of coffee? The solution is simple- fruit juice! Why don’t you try some avocado? Don’t even think about mixing it with milk! Not only will it give you that morning rejuvenation strength, but it will also boost your immunity with its vitamin C content.

Furthermore, vitamin C reduces skin inflammations and is a natural moisturizer. For your meals, avoid spicy and oily foods. If you need to use oil, stick to the extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Axe advises on some of the top volatile oils. They include; lavender, tea tree oil, clary sage, and juniper berry oil. All have antibacterial abilities that’ll reduce inflammation.

Don’t use that on your skin!

It all starts in the bathroom when you want to apply that shampoo or face wash on your skin. Do you ever take the time to read the contents of your skin products? If not, it’s about time you start doing so. When it comes to make up, your face mask, moisturizer, foundation, toners, primers or concealer could all cause you acne. That’s why you need to be really careful what you put on your skin.

It is even recommendable to have your make up done by a professional. They should at least know the best hair and skin foods that cause acne. Moreover, you could always consult a skin care expert for make-up tips. No need to be a DIY diva. Remember to always take a T-test before putting your make-up. This will help you identify your skin type and appropriate make up to apply on it.

Feel like going to the beach? Well, before you tell “honey” to smear some sunscreen on your back, take a look at its contents. Even sun block could cause you acne. What you want to look for is non-comedogenic and oil free sun block. Non-comedogenic sun lotion doesn’t contain ingredients that clog skin pores. As you already know, clogged pores prevent dead skin cells from being properly disposed and this is a major cause of acne.

Furthermore, oil free sunscreen is less likely to cause you pimples and oily skin. Simply put, ensure that everything you use on your skin is oil free and non-comedogenic. If you can stay away from make-up and sunscreen, that would be even better. After all, some of them are made of chemicals that are unsafe. For instance, all sunscreens contain chemicals that react with the sun to produce radicals that destroy skin cells.

Why fat, sugar and dairy cause acne

Have you ever wondered why the main foods that cause acne either contain some dairy products, sugar or fat? Just think about it. When you go to ice cream, it’s the sugar and milk that’ll give you a breakout. Moreover, when it comes to chips, it’s the oil that’ll worsen your acne. First things first, note that acne occurs mostly when your skin pores are clogged. What happens is that your skin oil mixes with dead skin cells to form plugs that block your pores. These plugs are what trigger pimples and other forms of acne on your skin. That said, there is no better way of increasing your skin oil (sebum) than by consuming foods with too much fat or oil. Such foods will definitely heighten your sebum levels and eventually cause you acne.

Unfortunately, sugar is among the foods that cause acne. Iinsulin in sugar stimulates the skin to produce pore-clogging cells. As you take more sugar, the insulin level in your blood also increases. This in turn leads to production of cells that automatically clog your pores and ultimately lead to acne. With that in mind, try to use as little sugar as possible in future. Better yet, use honey instead. It is not a food that causes acne. On the other hand, dairy is a food that causes acne, because it contains inflammatory substances and growth hormones. This combination results to clogged pores that lead to formation of pimples and acne.

What you need to do

From the first subheading, now you know 8 foods that cause acne. To remind you, these are milk, coconut oil, bread, sugar, coffee, cheese, pizza and soy. It would be really good if you could keep away from these foods. You could consider some of the suggested alternatives such as volatile or essential oils. Additionally, you could opt for fruit juices instead of other acne causing beverages. Apart from foods that cause acne, there are also cosmetics that could cause acne.

Not only can your make-up cause you acne, but also your sunscreen. This is because of the comedogenic aspect of such products. That’s why it is advisable to always read the content section and ensure that the product is non-comedogenic. Not only that, it is important to ascertain that it is also oil free. Well, now that you know some of the foods that cause acne, spread the word and inform others too. Remember to share with them some of the sensible alternatives you’ve learnt. You never know, you might be the skin miracle someone is waiting for. For interesting information, try searching for foods that cause acne reddit on the internet.

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