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Skin Care tips: Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

Oh No! Can chocolate cause acne on human skin?

Nothing feels better on your tongue than a fine chocolate bar. That melting feeling combined with its impeccable sweet taste is just out of this world. If there is one thing that revolutionized the candy industry, it has to be chocolate. Remember the famous Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory? Well, then you know the crazy lengths some people would go for a lifetime supply of chocolate. In case you haven’t watched that movie, ensure you buy it as soon as you can.

It’ll really paint you a picture of the power chocolate holds over people. Just imagine you had a chance at that- a lifetime supply of chocolate. What would you do? Anybody would go crazy. Never mind though, because some people suggest that chocolate cause acne on skin. Sounds unbelievable, right? Does chocolate make acne worse? Well, just keep reading and find out more for yourself. You’d be surprised at what you are about to discover. Maybe chocolate can cause acne.

Chocolate causes acne true or false?

So far, there have been different opinions on whether chocolate cause acne or not. According to the huffingtonpost, one renowned dermatologist says that chocolate on its own doesn’t necessarily cause acne. However, the skin expert goes further to say that sugar and dairy could stimulate hormonal changes that trigger inflammation.

Kind of contradictive isn’t it. To understand what the dermatologist was saying, you need to remember a few things about acne. First of all, acne is caused when the skin’s pores are clogged. What happens is that the sebaceous gland secretes sebum. Sebum is skin oil. This sebum then combines with dead skin cells to form a plug that blocks skin pores. This plug could also harbor bacteria in some cases and could cause complications. Where high contents of cocoa are good for your overall body health and skin, fat and sugar aren’t. That’s where the contradiction that chocolate cause acne comes in.

Take white chocolate for example. It is considered to be high in both fat and sugar. Since fat can cause too much skin oil you, then chocolate can cause acne. Furthermore, too much sugar could increase your insulin level and trigger production of pore-clogging cells. On the other hand, some chocolate may not contain that much fat or sugar. Did you know that there is some low fat and low sugar chocolates issued for medicinal purposes?

Does such chocolate cause acne? No, because they contain high cocoa contents that add nutrients to the body and also act as antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent damaging of the skin cells by free radicals. The less dead skin cells you have, the less acne breakouts you are prone to get. So, whether it is true or false that chocolate cause acne is totally up to the contents in it..

The best chocolate for acne

The problem is that some people generally say that chocolate cause acne or chocolate makes me break out. However, it would be better to take a more detailed view of this topic. Maybe it is a particular type of chocolate that causes acne. First things first, how many types of chocolate cause acne? According to Wikipedia there are a number of chocolate varieties on the planet.

All of them have different forms, ingredients and flavors. One thing for sure is that some of these chocolate cause acne. Which ones are they though? You can identify chocolates that cause acne by looking at the milk, sugar and fat content. Even though they may not directly cause acne, they sure are correlated to it.

Which common chocolate cause acne? White chocolate! Not only does it contain high sugar levels, it also contains a lot of fat. This can trigger inflammatory responses on your skin. Eat too much of this and you’ll find yourself saying that chocolate makes me breakout. Additionally, you should also consider staying away from milk chocolate due to its high dairy content. Note that also sweet chocolate cause acne. In fact, all three of those chocolates cause acne.

Does dark chocolate cause acne? The answer is a straight- No! Though not as tasty, it will actually give you plenty of antioxidants that’ll help you fight acne. To reduce acne, you want to stick to “couverture” chocolate that is high in cocoa content. Such chocolate is either semi-sweet or bittersweet. So, you’ll still get to taste a little bit of sugar in your chocolate.

How chocolate could cause you acne

Take your time and search chocolate cause acne reddit on the internet. Even pure chocolate has the potential to cause acne. This is because it contains caffeine and theobromine. The thing with these two substances is that they both interfere with your guts’ flora. Apart from that, caffeine usually tends to accelerate production of stress hormones.

When this happens, your sugar levels also increase and cause a consequent production of insulin. Now, this insulin triggers sebum production and you know where that leads. Too much sebum means more skin pores being blocked. Well, that is just one way chocolate cause acne. That is why it is recommended to take just a little bit of chocolate when you feel like it. One medium sized bar is enough. Besides, when you think about it, caffeine can be a bit addictive. It is a drug after all.

The other way chocolate cause acne is through its dairy content. According to a certified skin expert on menshealth cow’s milk reacts with testosterone to produce sebum. This skin oil then combines with dead skin cells to form plugs on your pores. Milk doesn’t just affect men though. Casein and whey proteins contained in milk release a hormone known as IGF-1.

It is just like insulin from sugar. This hormone triggers production of pore-clogging cells that end up causing pimples, blackheads, and other forms of acne on the skin. Besides that, don’t forget the sugar and fat that is contained in almost every chocolate. In fact, it is these two that mostly make chocolate cause acne. For sugar, the problem is insulin. Sugary chocolate will cause acne whether you like it or not. When it comes to fat, too much of it usually increases sebum production that clogs skin pores.

Cosmetics for chocolate lovers. Friends or foes?

For all chocolate lovers out there that use every cocoa beauty product, this better be a wakeup call for you. As you use that cocoa shampoo or soap when taking a shower, remember that it could be what’s causing your acne. Chocolate cause acne even from your beauty products. It could be your toner, primer, concealer or even foundation.

That’s why you always need to consult a skin care expert on the best make up. This might cost you more though. However, it will save you the hassle of having to deal with acne in the future. Besides that, you also have your daily moisturizer and sunscreen. Depending on its contents, it could be the one causing you acne all this while. Therefore, you always need to read the contents section when purchasing these things. Although some of these products actually do cause acne, here are some alternatives.

According to some of the suggestions on womenshealth, you can treat your entire face with chocolate products. Need a face mask? Try the anti-ageing Éminence Organics Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque. With its multiple oil properties, your skin will remain hydrated and nourished at all times.

In case you would like something for your body, then the Suki Butter Cream Salve was meant for you. It doesn’t even leave that greasy feeling on your skin like other lotions do. Top it all up with SanRe Organic Skinfood Chocolate Lips Moisturizer for shiny lips and you are good to go. The trick to using chocolate beauty products is sticking to the ones that have high cocoa content and little oil. If you need something oil, avocado and almond oil creams aren’t that bad. However, you could go all natural and use extra virgin olive oil.

Great ways to keep off from chocolate

Can’t seem to stay away from chocolate? Bad news: chocolate causes acne. According to BBC, telling children that chocolate could cause them pimples helps keep them away from chocolate. Well, that’s one way of doing it. You could call it the “conditional consequence” method. However, do you really think it can work on adults? You have to agree that keeping a chocolate lover away from their chocolate is a pretty tough job.

Even with this technique, you are going to have a tough time keeping your hands off chocolate. What you really need is a strong resolve. Take a look in the mirror and convince yourself. Use self-statements if you have to as long as it gets the job done. Tell yourself that chocolate cause acne everyday and is bad for your skin. Very soon, your subconscious will believe this and keeping off chocolate won’t be a problem.

Another way to stay away for this delicious snack is by drinking lots of water. This will ensure you always have something in your stomach and take away your craving for sweet things. Moreover, you could try healthier alternatives such as vegetables and fruits.

Every time you feel like taking chocolate, remember that there is a carrot somewhere just begging to be eaten. Additionally, you could try cutting off from chocolate by taking less and less of it. For instance, if you take a full bar this week, eat half a bar the following week. Keep reducing these quantities until you no longer feel like you need chocolate to survive.

A few things to note

From the above, you must have realized that whether chocolate cause acne is entirely up to the chocolate’s content. Furthermore, eating chocolates may cause acne. That means that eating chocolates may cause pimples too.The important thing to always look for in chocolate is dairy, sugar and fat. Companies normally display this information on the chocolate covers. What you want is more of cocoa and less of the other stuff.

Therefore, dark chocolate is a great option for acne whereas white chocolate cause acne. Furthermore, the high cocoa content in dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are great for your skin. Apart from chocolate bars, there are also chocolate beauty products that can cause acne. Even vitamins supplements that contain chocolate cause acne.

So, when using such cosmetics it is best to consult a skin care expert. On top of that, keep away from greasy creams and lotions. They tend to combine with sebum on your skin and dead skin cells to form plugs that block skin pores. With all that in mind, you need to ask yourself, “Does chocolate make acne worse?” If it does, it wouldn’t hurt to seek professional help.

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