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All about scarring: Things that cause acne scar and how to deal with them

Do you ever wonder about the things that cause acne scar? Have you ever asked yourself what causes scars to form? You need to know that they did not just appear from nowhere. That is an ignorant assumption that some people think. It is a lie. Every pimple, blackhead and whitehead has a cause for it. Today, you are about to find out what it is. One bad thing about acne scars is how they lower a person’s self esteem. This skin menace has been one of the reasons teenagers act all funny when a little bit of confidence is demanded from them. Apart from teenagers, women also face the same issue, especially when it comes to dating. That’s why you find some people going a little overboard with the makeups. Unfortunately, that is where many people go wrong. It is good to look beautiful. However, it is even better to believe that you are still attractive regardless of acne marks on your face. That said, what causes acne scar? Keep reading and discover the unveiled truth for yourself.

How acne and scars form

First things first, you need to know how acne is formed before it turn into scars. It all starts with the sebaceous glands. When these glands secrete excess sebum or skin oil, it mixes up with some of the skin’s dead cells. They combine together to form a plug that clogs your skin pores. Sometimes this plug becomes infested with bacteria. This can cause very severe acne. So, what are acne marks and what cause acne scar? According to ncbi, there are a couple of reasons that cause acne scar. One of them is how you deal with inflammations. People with acne scars have slower inflammatory reaction. That is why you need to get rid of any inflammation as soon as possible. By treating inflammations quickly, you reduce the chances of developing acne scars. You want to be dealing with inflammations immediately they start forming on your skin.

Slow response to inflammations is not the only cause of acne scar though. You also need to know what causes acne scar to form. The answer is healing. Remember that a scar cannot exist where there was never a wound. That means when acne scars are formed from wounds that result from acne. Say you pop a pimple prematurely. What happens? Blood comes out, right? This means that some of your skin tissue has been damaged. Your body will respond to this by producing platelets and collagen. This would result to minor clotting, depending on the size of the wound. These clots are what cause acne scar. To make it worse, some people forcefully remove these clots and end up worsening their scars by forming larger wounds. Therefore, you need to avoid bursting your pimples or removing clots. At least now you know what cause acne scar.

Types of acne scars

Besides knowing the things that cause acne scar, you also need to know a few types of acne scars. Being familiar with acne scars will enable you to be more specific in your treatment. Some scars require more specialized treatment than others. According to the scienceofacne , acne scars come in different shapes, sizes and colors. One common type of acne scar is the ice pick scar. It takes a V-shape, because it is narrow and deep. If you look closely, an ice pick scars looks like an empty pore. It can lead to collection of bacteria in the skin. Besides the ice pick scar, you have rolling acne scars. They occur in a nuclear form in particular areas of the skin. For instance if you have had acne on your cheek for a long period of time, you are likely to get rolling acne scars on that area.

Another acne scar is the boxcar scar. They are neither deep as ice pick scars nor as concentrated as rolling scars. Moreover, they have sharp edges and are a little bit broad. All these three acne scars fall into the category of pitted scars. The other categories are raised and discoloration acne scars. Raised acne scars are those that appear higher than the rest of the skin. They look like slight firm bumps of concentrated clot on the skin. These firm bumps are known as keloids. They are the opposite of pitted or depression scars. Nevertheless, they are less common. Lastly, there is discoloration. Although some people don’t consider this to be an acne scar, it still fits in the group. It occurs due to hyper or hypo pigmentation that ends up forming patches on the skin. To clearly understand the types of acne, check out some acne scars pictures online.

Why you are experiencing acne scars

What are some of the things that cause acne scar? There is the popping problem. There is just something about pimples and whiteheads that makes you want to burst them. They have that unexplainable painful yet fulfilling feeling every time you pop them. Well, you want to go easy on them from now on. Bursting up your pimples before they ripen is very wrong and could leave a depressed scar. Apart from that, you also have scratching. No matter how irritating your skin feels, try your best not to scratch. Your nails are sharper than you think. Every time you scratch, you risk tearing up a pimple to cause acne scar. You might even find yourself tearing a whitehead that you never intended open. So, keep your hand to yourself. Don’t cause acne scar on your own skin. If you feel itchy, just rub the area softly using a piece of clean cloth.

According to facingacne , acne can be hereditary. For instance, parents with acne are likely to genetically transfer those acne prone genes to their child. Genetics could be among the things that cause acne scar. It’s time to do some research and ask your parents some questions. Although genes might cause acne scar, that doesn’t mean your acne isn’t treatable. So, don’t worry. Besides genes, eating foods that cause cystic acne could be why you are experiencing scars. This type of acne just doesn’t go without a fight. It is difficult to get rid of cystic acne without developing a scar. Therefore, you need to stay ways from foods and drinks that might cause acne scar. Avoid too much sugar too in order to maintain your insulin balance and reduce your chances of getting acne. Dairy is also not that good too. So, avoid milk.

Cosmetics and acne scars

Could beauty products cause acne scar? Is that primer, toner, vitamins supplement and face mask doing more harm than good? Well, you are just about to find out. Not all beauty products are good for your skin. Not even that perfumed shampoo and soap in your bathroom. However, cosmetics are among the things that cause acne scar. You need to know that anything that causes acne will ultimately cause acne scar. A common type of acne scar caused by cosmetics is skin discoloration. That’s why you need to be extra careful when applying that moisturizer and sunscreen. Some of these things react to UV rays and end up messing with your skin’s pigmentation. You want to get things that are non-comedogenic. These are products that are less likely to stimulate sebum production or form acne. So, always remember to read the content section when shopping for cosmetics.

Despite that, there are some beauty products that are good for treating acne scars. You could find great concealers and acne scars cream out there. Elle recommends some great products for treating acne scars. Blue light is great for dealing with acne scars is by getting rid of the root of the problem. It will destroy all the bacteria and prevent any future inflammations that might lead to scars. You do not even need to scrub your skin in order to get it in. All you do is apply and wait for the magic to happen. It’s good to avoid scrubbing products. They might actually worsen your scars if you apply them wrongly. You could also use products with sarcylic acid that helps reduce a pimples lifespan. Quick ripening means that you are less likely to pop pimples prematurely. So, you won’t easily cause acne scars to yourself.

Best acne scars treatment

Sometimes acne scars can be very frustrating. Will acne scars ever go away? You might have tried several treatments on your acne marks but they don’t seem to disappear, do they? In fact, it feels like some of them cause acne scar. Not to worry. Thanks to innovative technology, you can now have laser surgery on your scars. The laser option is especially great for raised acne scars that are difficult to deal with. What happens is that the entire scar is burnt off to level with surrounding skin. This leaves your skin as smooth as it was even before acne. Furthermore, laser surgery is fast and will save you a lot of time. However, it could be a little bit costly than other options. Additionally, you could also try acne scars home remedies. Rapidhomeremedies recommends a couple of options.

Have you ever tried using raw potatoes to remove your acne marks? All you have to do is cut a potato and rub it on your skin until its juice runs out. Wash you it off and apply some lotion. You can see the detailed instructions in the link provided above. You could also try olive oil and lemon juice. Apple cider vinegar is also not that bad, especially when mixed with honey. This mixture has an impressive anti-inflammatory effect on skin even helps fight acne. Note that vinegar is also great for skin exfoliation. Despite all that, it would really help if you could keep your scars away from the sun. Exposure to sunlight darkens scars, making them more difficult to remove.

What you need to remember

All that said, at least you are now aware of some of the things that cause acne scar. Avoid popping your pimples before time. Moreover, keep away from foodstuffs that could cause cystic acne. Whatever leads to acne could lead to acne scars. Furthermore, you need to use beauty products that are non-comedogenic. Some cosmetics above such as blue light are great for treating acne scars. Apart from that, there is also home treatment. If you’ve never done it, you need to try acne scar removal home remedies fast! From the above, you now know the three categories of acne. Would you like further information about what cause acne scar. Search “cause acne scar reddit” on the internet. You will find something that could be of help.

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